Bruce Willis in new photos. Filmed in Malibu with friends

Despite the illness, the 67-year-old star appears to be doing well. Paparazzi caught the actor on a trip to town with friends and family. The photos show Willis walking around Malibu with a paper coffee cup.

Last week, Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, posted a video on Insta Stories of Willis playing basketball with friends.

Disease reports Bruce Willis It shocked millions of his fans. At the end of March, the media reported that the star of such production cults “Pulp Fiction”And the “glass trap” if “sixth Sense”, has aphasia – a condition that can manifest, among other things, in problems speaking, understanding others, reading and writing. In connection with this diagnosis, he decided to end his acting career.

This decision was communicated to the recipients by women close to Willis – his daughters, wife and ex-wife, Demi Moore – who posted identical statements on Instagram.

“As a family, we wanted to share information that our beloved Bruce has health problems and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities,” Willis family members wrote in a special statement posted on social media.

Due to the serious health condition, Willis decided to end his acting career – added in a statement signed by the ex-wife of the star Demi Moore, as well as the current wife of Willis – Emma Heming Willis and five of his daughters.

“It’s a really tough time for our family, and we’re so grateful for your continued love, sympathy and support. We’re going through this as a strong family and we wanted his fans to know it too, because we know just how much it means you like him “- reads the content of the statement.

Aphasia is the loss of the ability to communicate. The patient is unable to speak or does not understand the spoken words. The main cause of aphasia is damage to the structure of the brain. It is often due to an acute stroke.

In addition to losing the ability to speak or understand the words of others, patients with aphasia may develop other symptoms. The most common problems are memory problems, body paralysis, dysphagia, or visual disturbances.

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At the end of May, Emma Heming, with whom Willis became engaged in 2007, spoke about the matter, and he married her two years later. In an interview with The Bump, she revealed how she copes with caring for her ailing husband. Heming admitted that it was very difficult for her at first as she had to do all the chores herself. Nor did she hide that it had a negative impact on her health and well-being. The model admitted, “It definitely affected my mental health. The needs of my family became more important to me than my own. Finally, I realized that such a sacrifice did not make me a hero.”

Over time, Heming got used to the new situation. Today, she takes care not only of her children and a sick husband, but also of herself. “Someone recently told me that if we only care about others, we finally stop taking care of ourselves. It shocked me. Even if everything doesn’t work out perfectly, you have to find a moment for yourself. I always try to find time to rest or exercise, which is very important to me.” Lee. Thanks to this I managed not to go crazy ”- emphasized Heming, who together with Willis are raising their two daughters – Evelyn Penn and Mabel Ray.

Last month, a close friend told People that Willis’ wife can count on the support of friends and family members. “As someone with health issues, Bruce is very fortunate to have so many people taking care of him. His relatives help Emma a lot. Now everyone is focusing on the moments they spend together” – revealed the actor’s friend.

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