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Watching Hollywood RPG shows is a difficult, and sometimes painful, task. However, if you’re particularly keen on watching this type of movie (but dread the effects of reckless experiences), check out our list of the 10 best PC game mods first.

Angry birds

After the success of not only games, but also tools related to Angry birdsIt was only a matter of time before a movie was made in this universe. The creators did a good job writing the script based on Games about shooting birds at green pigs. First of all, wear Comedy for all ages However, with a bit of “naughty” humor. The plot is based on films about a weak persecuted who himself becomes a persecutor, and then rises to the rank of hero. in the movie Angry birds There are characters that are well known to fans of the game, complementing the fragile plot with their rubbish.

The Werewolves Among Us (2021)

Absolutely amazing movie based on the online game of the same title. Creators take viewers to a snowy region (and from some point cut off from the world) Beverfield Town in the United States. Become a guide ranger in this rather strange city Finn Wheeler (Sam Richardson), To ensure the construction of the domestic pipeline. However, he has to face something more serious: werewolf And almost like crazy neighbors fueled by a growing panic. A gallery of colorful genres, a snow-covered city, and a mysterious threat in a comic strip that will meet the expectations of fans Comedy with an abstract.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

The famous screen mod for Angelina Jolie Often they are deprived of worship and faith. And sure Tomb rider From the beginning of the century is not a pearl – the plot is schematic, Lara exaggerated annoyingly, And the special effects leave much to be desired. However, the movie is very interesting New adventure cinema atmosphere And contrary to expectations, it can paint you. Turning a blind eye to story holes and kitsch haze, you can have fun. And it’s always worth remembering Daniel Craig From the pre-Bond era.

Resident Evil (2002)

No great budget here, the special effects are foolishly disarming, and the story is as simple as building a bulk, but Film can be captured Especially those who are not familiar with the game. loss of memory of the main character, Evil and scary company medical experiments Create an appetizing cocktail with flavor Class B cinemas The creators take their time figuring out the cards, which delays the introduction of the main attraction of the program for a long time, i.e. Zombies and mutants. vampire this is simple survival horror, Who will amuse fans of undead tales.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Although the universe human kombat she has The possibility of producing solid dark fantasy films, camp A screen adaptation from the mid-’90s is the best we can count on at the moment. Although the script was probably no more than 3 pages long, the actors were taken from the 5th league, and the dialogues were downloaded from some generator, The magic of the movie is undeniable. The icing on the cake is delicious spooky special effects, whose foolishness becomes wonderful after a while.

Anonymous (2022)

The film can boast Amazing locations, amazing special effects and good staff. There is no place for official fascination, the bane of many game-based films. Nate performed by Holland Funny and honest boy Next door – Fortunately, it’s not badass, but cute dodger Play opponents with their cunning and dirty tricks. There are game scenes in the movie, and there are also gags that add color to a simple story. It looks good when you don’t match it Nate and Sully duo And their verbal skirmishes tend to be more exciting than clashes with relentless villains.

Pokemon: Mito’s Revenge (Pokemon: The First Movie, 1998)

Or not Feature Film From the world of Pokemon. And if that is why it has gained the status of a cult production. The story revolves around myoto, modified version of the extinct Mew species. There is a new creation very strong, But he is also not very positive towards people who treat him in a helpful way. As expected, the movie follows a well-known pattern Rebellion of a supernatural being. Of course, Ash and his team stand in the way of demonic Pokémon. Cute Pokemon, amazing matches, and myoto At the same time sinister and tragic. For many people, this will be a check up nostalgic journey Childhood and dreams of becoming a trainer to wonderful creatures.

Silent Hill (2006)

Horror movie based on the series the silent Hill this is One of the most interesting game mods, that has been created so far. It’s hard to resist the feeling that the movie is aimed at people They know the game world very well Others may have a hard time catching up in this nightmarish world. It doesn’t make it easy obscure gallery And no torn reminder scenes play fragments. on the other side Shocking, surreal ending A true test of the endurance of the average spectator. world concept the silent Hill However, it is interesting and its anti-religious character adds an extra flavor to the whole. Fans should be impressed too movie monsters whose appearance takes the viewer into an infernal version of Ghoraba Valley.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie (2019)

It’s hard to believe Film about a fluffy yellow creature wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat It can lead to anything but the palm of the hand. and after Detective Pikachu It’s really fun entertainment, with a sense of humor, decent acting and slight distance. The creators not only give Pokémon a larger-than-life story rank, but also Don’t underestimate it. Pikachu is cute of course, but also candid and a little gentle, Besides that he speaks in Didbo’s voice… Ryan Reynolds. human companion Tim lost and Regret seized himthanks for the Doesn’t give the impression of a 2D cartoon character (The creators even smuggled a mini arc.) This detective (and mismatched) duo carries the movie, making it a very interesting experience that he could use as a sequel.

Final Fantasy: Coming Children (2005)

Highly cinematic sequel series of games Final Fantasy VII. The huge universe that production refers to makes it children coming It’s a perfectly textured movie – you’ll love it Viewers who know (and love) the games well. Anyone else might feel thrown in the middle of rushing events, the introduction helping to make sense of only a little. On the other hand, although the movie refers to a very complex world, it is a big part of it Brutal fights for heroes and mysterious conversations. The movie should be appreciated for The visual side is bewitching. The design of the scenography and characters, as well as the panic-filled scenes of fights and chases all look great. For fans of all kinds of fantasy shows children coming It can also be the first step towards deepening Universe game.

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