Women’s summer bags: we suggest the models that will be the most stylish

A fashionable handbag is a unique accessory in many ways: it has the ability to revive style, subtly but significantly change its character, emphasize our own features – perhaps no other piece of clothing can better define our preferences and passions! We suggest models that will be the most stylish this summer.

If you look closely at images of street fashion, modern women’s handbags attract the eye first – a coordinating accessory is not only a great accessory, but often also a way to send a signal about who we are to the environment, what is important to us and how we want to be received. “What you look like is what you bring out into the world, especially in the age of fleet communication. Fashion is a language we use at lightning speed.” Miuccia Prada used to say and it’s hard not to agree.

In any case, you don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that a handbag is much more than an accessory: it’s not without reason that Carrie Bradshaw entered into long negotiations with a thief who aimed a gun at her in an episode of “Sex and the City” before making a decision.. To put himself in the hands of his beloved Baggett. Because it is not “just a handbag”.

Each of us has such a symbol in our wardrobe or in our dream list. It is rarely a single art, because it is not only the trends and our tastes, it also needs to be changed.

Leather backpack, zalando.pl
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“In my Stella McCartney bag I have a passport and supplements that I take every day,” Shakira recalled in one breath. But that’s just the beginning of the list, which also includes an eyelash curler. In addition to its obvious purpose, it also works on the go, drawing the attention of the youngest son of the star, Sasha.

In addition, there is also a textbook of the oldest writer, Milan, and … mini-football, which is not surprising in the context of the fact that the boys’ father is a footballer. But the advantages of a shopper bag, or better yet, a stylish backpack, will be appreciated not only by mothers – in the trends of the summer season, this accessory is mentioned as a must, preferably made of high-quality leather in the shade. Dark black or with modern stripes, as a final look embellished with this style. The style of the look is the same.

mountain backpack
Canvas backpack, zalando.pl
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On the other hand, the sporty design would be ideal for trips into the woods, an afternoon stroll out of town, or unexpectedly discovering the surrounding landscape, alone or in a larger group.

“I always have small snacks for my son, who suffers from motion sickness: it can be water in a small bottle, fruit mousse or even a lollipop” – explains Jessica Alba, who has been photographed more than once with practical flair and cleverly complemented casual outfits. A backpack that hangs carelessly on the shoulder. There are more accessories that occupy little hands: it will be a set of crayons, a stuffed animal or a ball, and a camera or a camera that the actress will use to capture the moments spent in the lap of nature.

Everything suits your favorite animal-patterned backpack model, but the truth is that Alba has a whole bunch of them: leather in a cognac shade, chestnut with a floral pattern, and of course black in a thicker canvas version – a thing that’s sure to work well both in company. Summer dresses or as an end to a more sporty design. In our own collection, we may also see a school model in the shade of natural leather, which, despite its wear, keeps its shape and ages beautifully, thanks to which it remains a fashionable accessory for years.

small handbag for wedding
Leather shoulder bag, zalando.co.uk
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Well, how about a more elegant handbag model that can be worn with a dress? During the last week of fashion, the influencers chose several styles: the eye was caught, among others, by Leonie Han, who proudly presented the XXL clutch bag in an elegant intense yellow color with a simple classic design. There were also cuts referring to the old style, those decorated with discreet ruffles, small handbags on a chain and classic solutions, that is, shoulder bags on a thin strap.

The last suggestion is probably at the top of every dream list because of its timelessness – it’s one of those solutions that each of us should have in our wardrobe, no matter the season, because it’s an obvious choice, complementary to formal and a bit like elegant jewelry: wear a pair With a little black dress, with a suit or an oversized jacket, but also with a loose cashmere sweater or carelessly thrown over the shoulder over a spring coat.

And don’t be fooled by the small size: Salma Hayek in her handbag carries a small hand cream, essential oil, and a souvenir made by her daughter Valentina. As he says, such a little thing makes it easier to put up with a breakup if you go away longer and always makes her feel better. In addition, this small bag will definitely include lipstick, payment card and car keys – and that’s it, you don’t need more.

Which color do you choose this season? Red got very high marks in the predictions of fashionistas, but it is also worth giving a chance to other juicy colors: green in the shade of fresh young grass will perfectly play with the classic beige trench coat, shaky orange will brighten the black of the dress, the aforementioned highly pigmented yellow Above it will complement the white design, and intense pink – it will be a good choice in each of the above situations.

Beach shopping bag
Beach bag, zalando.pl
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Another element that we should not forget when creating a summer wardrobe is the beach bag. The emblem in the classic version stands before your eyes: straw yellow in XXL, on comfortable long straps to be thrown over your shoulder or shorter leather straps, to hold in your hand (preferably with both) – anyway, just think about it. The purchase brings us well to the day needed to go on vacation.

Most importantly, despite the fact that it has a clear purpose, it is worth taking a moment to choose it – it can be a very stylish accessory not only for the beach, but also for visiting coastal cities, romantic evening walks for two or for the little ones a shopping holiday. It is pleasant to have, in addition to a pleasant exterior, an equally satisfactory interior: lined with a pleasant fabric, it will make access to it an additional pleasure.

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