This is the end of the kebonafide. We remember his last tour

The rapper known to date as Quebonafide has opened an indefinite phase in his career. Here are our impressions of psychological relationships.

This is the end now will it all be?

What started on April 21 in Katowice ended on May 27 in Tri-City. road psychological relationships It went down in history, and so did the character kebonafed.

About how the last event was touching and indescribable Cuba Graboskialready written on our pages Igor Wiśniewski In a personal column about the indescribable. If you haven’t had a chance to read his text yet – you can find it below. And what will happen now with one of the most famous music makers in our country? We’ll find out soon enough, so let’s not talk about it. It doesn’t hurt to remember the widely held tour, because we’ve been to so many concerts. Our editors have remembered these three important gigs.

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Carolina Blonska (Katowice)

I had the opportunity to be at the tour’s opening concert. My feelings? kebonafed He is trying to establish himself as a European artist, not just a Polish one. He did this before thanks to international musical cooperation, and later emphasized him with his concerts. Let’s be honest: rap shows have never been produced this boom before on the Vistula. Although the artistic idea of ​​the party was at times incomprehensible to me, it was impossible not to get the impression that every element of the event was carefully thought out and designed to make a great impression on the audience. Sometimes the event was more like a performance than a regular concert. This is no exaggeration.

kebonafide: Hasbro with Falcon

idewtango please, Wojtek Sokół 🙏🏻💛💙 #dc #quebonafide #wojteksokół #livemusic #psychorelations ♬ original sound – Tango 💃🏼

Daniel Ojko (Wroclaw)

The closer I got to the concert, the more anxious I was. They may have resulted from the fact that in kebonafed I was only going to go for the first time (hope it wasn’t the last), because since 2017, when I started listening to it, somehow I haven’t been able to find it. Fortunately, my doubts soon dissipated. A very wonderful event, filled with many feelings that accompanied me: It was surprising when it turned out that the theater was separate Kibo And the Krzysztof . cross It is also Taco Hemingwayproud during the song Helleners (Wrocaw’s refrain was very convincing), for real emotion and glasses in the eye during bubble tea And the last track that ends the party. Great visuals, interesting text and concept, and of course the audience who gave more than he could. I had the impression that he was alone Q Sometimes he could barely contain his emotions because he knew he had built something extraordinary. I’m so glad I could be a part of it. A great show that will stay with me for a long time.

kebonafide: breakfast with the Bedouins

idewtango Alljesteśmybedoesiarami #dc #quebonafide #żegnalnatrasa #fyp #bedoes #2115 ♬ Original sound – Tango 💃🏼

Jacob Wojakovic (Krakow)

for performance kebonafed in Krakow Torun Circuit I was walking a little skeptical. Although I love the album Romantic PsychologyI must admit I liked the music much more Q Circa 2015, the audience was also an important component of concerts. The more they feel about the artist’s work, the better they know the texts, the more they know them be At the concert, instead of recording new celebrities, my perception of the show was better. I wasn’t expecting much commitment from the audience and I wasn’t wrong. but it does not matter. A refined fantasy presentation in every element. Sometimes, a little fanciful, it has a continuation and its bottom, and other times it is surprising, and does not answer the question: What was on the author’s mind? The unusual feelings that emanated from her kibiRealizing that as he announced – this is his last solo concert. These feelings escalated during the performance of one of the new works that have not yet been released. Great artist, great concert. In some ways, the best I’ve ever done.

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