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The concert of the Polsat Foundation began in the city of Skiernivtsi Robert Janowski (Winner and future juror of the program Your face looks familiar(In the song “In Us and Around Us”)Check!). is it Krzysztof Ibis And the Paulina Sekut- Jeżyna Play the entire event. Famous broadcasters joined Janowski at the end of the piece.

She invited viewers to play together Ursula In the song “Rocking Horse” (Check!).

Roxana Węgiel She appeared on stage with the children’s choir of Skierniewice. One of the most famous singers of the younger generation performed a lullaby for children “There was a king” (Check).

Robert Janowski later called Patricia Markowska With “Dad”, this is Grzegorz Markovskythe famous singer of the group perfect. The family duo recalled “Lullaby”, the next being “Pockets” from Patrycja’s new album “Wilczy Pęd”.

“Forgive all the flip-flops, because we are playing it together for the first time,” warned Patricia Markowska.

Music stars invited their family members, and so did Krzysztof Epps. His son appeared at his side – Maximilian who announced the next star, Justina Steczkowska. Then there was a little slip, because at first they said that Patricia Markowska, who had sung a moment earlier, would appear on stage.

Steczkowska appeared with her son Leon Myskowski And his colleague Mikhail form the duo Mike and Lauren. They wrote the song “Now” (Check).

“Good evening Skierniewice” – said in Polish who is very popular in our country danzel. The Belgian singer hit the dance song “Pump It Up”, which reigned supreme in discos almost two decades ago.

The winner of the program “Your Face Looks Familiar” invited his two daughters Zannah and Kela to the stage, where he sang with her the song “A Million Dreams” live for the first time.

family group chest (The group consists of four Szczepanek brothers) I gave her the most famous piece “Barcelona”. leader Tomasz Szczepanek In a duet with his son, Stay, he remembered the famous song “Maja the Bee”, which he sang so unforgettable. Zbigniew Wodecki.

Justina Steczkowska Will perform with his son leon to accompany stasAnd the Michel Wiśniewski He will sing with two daughters: Etiennet And the VivianAnd the Artur Jadowski with daughter Susanna And the Robert Gawliński with two sons (Benjamin And the Emmanuel accompany him in the group Wolves).

They will also appear together in Skierniewice Grzegorz and Patrycja MarkowskiAnd the Stanislav Suica with brothers.

The concert repertoire will include songs from the stars’ repertoire, such as “Pump it up” (Danzel), “Barcelona” (chest), “Dandelions kites wind” (Ursula), as well as the famous evergreen film music: “Moon River”, “May the Bee” or “Happy New York”.

Thanks to the hosts, the audience will hear short stories from the musicians’ childhood, and we will learn how important the role their relatives played in their lives and careers.

As always, the choice of venue is not accidental.

“We are in Skierniewice due to the renovation of the children’s ward of the regional complex hospital. Annually, the hospital receives almost a thousand children from the neonatal period to the age of 18 years, and it is the largest medical center between Warsaw and لودód, so it is a very important facility and it was in dire need of renovation. And when we received a request to help implement it – we could not refuse ”- he confirms President of the Polsat Foundation Krystyna Aldridge-Holc.

“The Foundation always helps those who need it most. In the case of medical facilities, we are there where our health services cannot handle and need support. We have made the decision to do renovations in the small homelands, this year it is Skierniewice. This city is in love. In assistance, which is reflected in the assistance of the population. We participated in the renovation of the department, where the only renovation took place 20 years ago. Our task is to create good conditions for the treatment of children “- sums up the Chairman of the Board of the Polsat Foundation Małgorzata Nawrocka.

Polsat Foundation is one of the largest NGOs operating in Poland, for nearly 26 years it has been directing its help to sick children and their parents. To date, it has provided assistance to nearly 41 thousand people. Young patients and financially support more than 2,600 hospitals and medical centers as well as schools, kindergartens and alternative care centers across the country, which are either renovated or equipped with modern medical equipment. In total, the Foundation has so far donated approximately 270 million PLN for legal purposes.

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