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Picnic season is in full swing. Our grills are full of culinary vibes, and oftentimes Polish poultry is served on the grill. This was confirmed by the participants of the “Picnic with Coronya”, which was held as part of the fourth edition of the “Polish Meat Mark”. Polska Tastes Up. The special guest of the event was the actress – Anna Mucha.

The campaign to disseminate knowledge about Polish poultry and pork is organized by the Polish Meat Association. It is an organization associated with companies operating in the widely understood meat industry. “Picnic with Kuroshiyami”, which appeared in the beautiful places of Villa Voxal in Warsaw, was dedicated to Polish poultry meat feeds. It was dominated by duck breasts, chicken legs, goose breasts and hips prepared based on the original recipe of the Gaia brothers and Jakub Kuroń, who honor the campaign ambassadors.

Thanks to these meetings, we have the opportunity to see how important poultry meat is in our daily diet. Its great advantage is its versatility in Polish cuisine as well as the ease and ability to prepare in many different ways. Polish poultry has great taste values, but what is equally important – and not always present in the social consciousness – are also the health benefits. Thus, poultry meat fully meets the nutritional needs of groups with special dietary requirements, including “professional athletes, elderly or young children”, said Witold Choiński, president of the Polish Meat Association, who welcomed the meeting guests at Villa Foksal.

Anturage picnic, may complete and Polish poultry in the leading role. Therefore, barbecue cannot be dispensed with. Contrary to popular belief, preparing meat on a grout requires not only knowledge of “fire”. It is also necessary to choose the right meat, season it with unusual combinations of spices, and then process it correctly.

“Polish poultry, especially chicken, turkey and duck, is by far the most convenient and delicious type of roast meat. However, we must remember not to overcook the time we subject it to the temperature. Clean the grate before each use and avoid aluminum trays. Poultry meat is delicate Extremely in flavour, so the expressive Asian spices, curry and aromatic saffron go well with it,” advises Jaja Koro, campaign ambassador.

Accompanied by Anna Mucha at Picnic, who includes poultry on the family menu, discussions were also held about the health benefits of poultry meat.

Journalists’ questions were also answered by dietitian and campaigning expert Dorota Osóbka – “Poultry is an important source of protein and healthy vitamins – especially those in group B, highly digestible heme iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, and other important minerals for the body.” The most common poultry, that is, chicken and turkey, has a low fat content, so it is low in calories and easy to digest. Its undoubted advantage is also ease of preparation. Steamed chicken breast, depending on its size, is cooked for 18 to 25 minutes, and the cooked breast in the pan will be ready in just 10 minutes!All these advantages are fully consistent with current food trends.Consumers also appreciate poultry due to its affordable price and versatility.It can be used not only in main dishes, but also in snacks, salads, Soups, diet meals, sandwiches, hot and cold, dry and sweet. They can be baked, fried and boiled in water. There are thousands of ideas for delicious Polish poultry dishes.”

“Variety with skill” – such a term perfectly defines poultry in the culinary context. That is why poultry meat is found almost everywhere: in à la carte restaurants, canteens, bistros, and in snack bars. Polish poultry has been with us for years and everything indicates that it is an ingredient of culinary reality that, regardless of fashions, will always be present in our menu, whether it is exquisite or homemade, but not only original . The high quality, taste and health benefits of poultry meat as well as high production standards have earned the recognition and trust of recipients all over the world.

The outing with Curonia took place on May 25, 2022 at Villa Foksal as part of the fourth edition of the “Polish Meat Brand” campaign. Polska Tastes ”organized by the Polish Meat Union – an organization representing the economic interests of its affiliated entities, working in the meat industry and cooperating with them in the field of its production, trade and / or service activities, in particular towards state authorities.

More about the campaign: https://www.pewnejestjedno.pl/

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Information source: Polish Meat Association

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