“Gold” and the great Zac Efron: People are not good

Written (with Polly Smith) and directed by Australian Anthony Hayes “He went” is a connection “Mad Max” with “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. We do not know the cause of the end of the world. We fall right into the dust-covered world of the Australian wilderness, where the remnants of death lie. We don’t know their names or their past. We know nothing more about them than that they are short of fuel, food, and work. From a certain point, the work takes place under a single tree on the side of the road. There is a stone next to it. The reference to Beckett’s art is quite straightforward.

Zac Efron He plays an angry man who goes to the mine, where work awaits him. hire a driver (Anthony Hayes) that cheats him in the beginning. But in this world, there is no room for complaint, so strangers are stuck with each other on the journey of crossing the desert for a few days. While repairing a car malfunction, they found a piece of rock on the side of the road, which turned out to be golden. So fate turned? First, they have to extract the block, which is possible only with the help of an excavator. It will take a few days to return it. The man played by Efron decides to watch the discovery and wait for his companion. OK, but can she trust him? Will you survive the desert heat?

in this place “He went” It turns into a survival cinema with one actor in the middle. “127 hours”And the “buried”And the “I lost everything”And the “appear” – Elements of each of these videos can be easily discovered here. The Traveler, played by Efron, has to battle the scorching sun, hungry dogs, water shortages, sandstorms, and the surrounding “desert people”. His only contact with his companion is a barely satellite phone. With each subsequent scene, Efron is dirtier, burnt, and sun-tired. Hallucinations appear, the senses are confused, and “demons” come out of nooks and crannies.

“He went” It is the perfect project for Efron that does a lot to get out of the light-hearted comedy drawer for the hunk and “Sun Patrol”. Photos credited with serial killer Ted Bundy (“I mean, cruel, evil.”), although his appearance was identical to the iconic assassin, whose personal charm and demonic charisma made him the first celebrity assassin. Here, Efron looks obnoxious. His cracked skin, festering wounds, and dirt penetrating every nook and cranny of his body reveal human bodily flaws. In addition, Efron plays almost silent roles, which is always a challenge for the actor.

We are in a world where humans are no different from animals. Shots of predatory dogs rub off pathology, although at the same time their severity underscores the meaning of this film is not entirely Hollywood. Cinematographer Ross Giardin created a minimalist, monochrome image. The desert is an overwhelming and dreary place here, home to plane wrecks and the remains of a lost civilization. It’s a hopeless world. Even gold does not illuminate it.

Efron’s character captures this desperation. In the first shots, we see him on the train sharing a meal with a hungry child. In the desert, he was already overcome by greed. She even cut a piece of gold embracing her newborn like a mother. The primary motive to fight for survival is at odds with our attachment to material goods. Gold is supposed to ensure his survival in the world without any rules. It makes sense to sacrifice him. But is this only? Is the decision to stay in the desert and trust the stranger not the result of greed that humanity did not get rid of even during the end of the world? Efron meets a woman (Susie Porter), but instead of asking her for help, he considers her a threat to his “treasure”, as he appears more and more “Jolomian”. This nihilism fits Cormac McCarthy. The finale was finally heated up with Nick Cave’s song “People Aren’t Okay.” Very clear and unambiguous. is this real? I still naively refuse to believe it.

7.5 / 10

“He went”, monastery. Anthony Hayes, Australia 2022, Distributor: Best Film, Theatrical premiere: May 13, 2022.

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