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Unfortunately, I’d be harsh: “Venilova” It is a scam to me. The post was announced as an old funk soul album, Standing Against the “Supernovage” Starting in 2020, which focuses on modern electronic pop music. In any case, the albums were to be released in one day, forming a kind of paradoxical prank, showing different faces cleo.

However, publishing plans have been verified and “VinyLOVA” – after several changes – has us nearly two years past the original release date. However, I am afraid that this long waiting period was not only due to the epidemic situation and the poster change, but also due to the strong modification of the content, compared to what was scheduled for release in 2020.

Where does this statement come from? “VinyLOVA” is a surprisingly short site of only 33 minutes. Yes, thanks to this, the content will easily fit on a vinyl record, but given the length of previous albums, it suggests some cuts. And if you consider this to be a serious accusation, what about the fact that declared reaction prevails not so much as it has been proclaimed?

In order not to dissolve into the negative at once: the first minutes of “VinyLOVEJ” do not allow to doubt the statements. “array array” It’s, after all, a soul complete with a proper pull of phrases that resonate in slightly sporty singing and a great share of brass in the instrumental layer. Even if it is closer to the aesthetics of blue eyes and works than blister gums Motown RecordsIt fits perfectly with the old style.

It is closer to the classic sound “embrace”, although here Cleo decided to sing pure pop, which definitely lowers the potential of the piece. It is worth paying attention to singles “I like”Even if it’s updated to the drums in an almost home-like fashion, it really does wink effectively toward the jukebox and analog sound. Basically identical words can be said “Less Means More”.

The problem is that even if we limit ourselves to these tracks, the declaration of “sound very old school” (that’s a quote!) gets verified quickly. The rhythm department has been modernized, subject to electronic dance music more than anything else could have appeared in the 60s or 70s. However, if we go beyond the above pieces, it becomes simply…sad.

because whether “next one” And the “light panels” (both from mariella Rudovic!) Don’t quite fit in with the assumptions of Cleo’s previous album? Worse, even if they bow to the aesthetics of Nou Disco, it is located on the Vistula River and polished in a simple manner. Don’t take it badly: kitsch can also be attractive, but here the production itself is just limp, not carrying the aesthetics in any way.

If you think this is wrong here, good luck “items”. It’s a complete disco polo piece – sterile, painfully clean, sound so bright, offering a simple chord, “hello, oppa” to sing together and a simple text about love that overcomes all adversity. Marking teeth grinding by the listener. It hurts to mention how good SuperNOVA is.

Definitely looks the best among the dance songs “Jumble” Based on arpeggios that are hard to put down. It’s a song that shows the effect perfectly “Nostalgia for the Future” by Dua Lipa On contemporary light music. Aside from the fact that in “SuperNOVE” we had almost identical leads.

It is difficult for me to understand the existence of works in English. especially “Vitera” Who with his pop-up traps looks like Dobrob… eh… sorry – Donatan Show Cleo to the subscriber “Hiper/Chimera”.

texts? Well, they never really made Cleo’s creative force, and this time around is no different. The words are meant to fly, be the carrier of the melody and not form a point that ties us emotionally to the piece. There is never a moment here when we have to stop and think about something. Interesting to quote this quote is just a very funny game with the titles of Maryla Rodowicz songs in the chorus of “Next”.

It is always interesting the evolution of the vocals of Cleo, who completely abandoned annoying and disruptive behaviors. He sings very precisely and can play singing perfectly. The problem is that the songs on the album don’t often let her spread her wings.

I’m just disappointed. On paper, VinyLOVA presented itself as a much more interesting and more ambitious part of the persistence you were supposed to create with SuperNOVA. It is just the opposite. Unfortunately, the ambition that characterized so many songs was killed off by mediocrity and the desire to please a wider audience. It is a real pity.

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