Cheapest airline tickets – how and where to find them?

  • Gone are the legendary times when you could read the reviews of people who found plane tickets for a few zlotys on the Internet. The growing popularity of air travel means that carriers do not have to use such tricks to promote their services. They prefer to sell tickets at prices close to the regular prices to earn more.
  • This does not mean, however, that we can no longer find really cheap tickets on the Internet. You just need to know how and where to look for it and be patient.
  • It is known that the first and most important rule is The more the better. It is very difficult to find a cheap flight a few days before departure. The crowning rule for bargain hunters is to check prices early. But what next?

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search tool pages cheap airline tickets It is number one on any advice list on this topic. Why all the hard work on your own when you can use a ready-made solution?

It works on a simple principle. The user provides information about where and when he wants to go, and the program combs the information available on the web about the offers of various carriers on the selected routes. If there is no direct flight, search engines often combine routes on the spot not only to provide the lowest price for the flight in the mentioned places, but also to suggest to the user how he can get to the place he wants.

Search for flights In this way, we often have to provide:

  • City or country of departure
  • The city or country we want to go to
  • Specific dates or range of dates
  • Number of adults and children
  • Transportation preferences (direct flights, change one, two etc.)

What if we don’t know exactly when or even where we want to go?

Many people choose their vacation destination based on delivery prices. It does not matter if it is Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus or Portugal. It is important where we fly cheaper. In order to meet the needs of some Internet users, some companies that own search engine pages have introduced the ability to search the resources of carrier websites, without specifying dates or directions.

The user can choose the month in which he wants to travel and the place of departure, without specifying the destination, and the search engine will suggest the place of travel with the lowest price. The same is true when a certain place is chosen, but we can go to it at any time. Then enter the destination and select the option to search for the cheapest month or check the “Always” box.

For those with a lot of slack and the Explorer gene, there’s also an option without specifying dates and directions. based only departure city The search engine will tell you where and when We will recommend cheaper.

The most popular and appreciated search engines for cheap airline tickets are:

  • Skyscanner
  • kayak
  • momondo
  • kiwi
  • fur
  • eSky
  • ozone
  • ume

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It has been known for a long time that whoever wants to find cheap airline tickets, you should take into account the offer of budget airlines. Often these carriers offer tickets several times cheaper than the competition. They have cut costs by doing everything they can to provide customers with the lowest possible price.

Airports that offer cheap flights are often located far from the destination city and we have to prepare for a long and often expensive flight from the airport. In Poland, Warsaw-Modlin Airport is an excellent example of such an airport far from the city, which, contrary to its name, is located in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, tens of kilometers from Warsaw.

When using their services, you should take into account the fact that the comfort of travel may not be the highest, and the carrier itself will try to sell us at any cost for any additional paid service. When paying for a ticket, we only get a ticket, and you have to pay extra for:

  • early ascent
  • Choose the place
  • Baggage greater than hand luggage
  • Checked bags
  • travel insurance
  • drinks
  • Snacks

If we are to take advantage of Lower ticket prices, we can search for it directly on the websites of the carriers. The most popular low-cost airlines to and from Poland are Ryanair, Wizzair, Norwegian, Buzz and EasyJet.

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For years, Polish netizens have been searching for information about cheap flights On travel blogs and websites run by bargain hunters across the web. Fly4Free, Holiday Pirates, Pepper or the popular Milk Travel blog are just some of them.

These websites regularly publish information about discounted ticket prices along with tips on specific connections, lines or destinations, as well as accommodation recommendations and tips related to sightseeing or ways to spend your leisure time.

However, in this case, we will not find anything about specific trips, if they are of interest to us. Deal sites usually publish news about selected cheap flights, bundle offers or complete vacation packages at low prices. If we want to find cheap tickets for a particular date, country or city, we have to use search engines.

Those looking for the cheapest airline tickets can follow not only the websites themselves, but also the social channels of the deal sites on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In the past, Internet forums were a space for exchanging information about aviation opportunities. While these still work, their role has been taken over in part by social media groups, in particular by the Facebook community.

There, as with Pages containing travel dealspeople searching the web share their knowledge of new promotions or low rates for certain calls.

The groups are a very good place to check if the show we found is really an opportunity. Just ask community participants if the price is actually a profitable deal. It may turn out that what appears to be a cheap combination is not.

We can also ask group members to share their recommendations on finding an opportunity, but also on how to get around town, where to go, where to stay, what to look for, where to eat, and what to see.

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