Barbara Winarska: Bowie Worzicky’s wife sacrificed herself for her sick daughter

Barbara Winarska She had an amazing career ahead of her. However, instead of fame, she chose to take care of her sick daughter, to whom she devoted her whole life.

She was born on May 29, 1952 – it has been exactly 70 years since that day. From an early age, she was closely related to her older sister Maria Winarska [obecnie żona Wiktora Zborowskiego i matka Zofii Zborowskiej-Wrony, red.]. They were only a year apart, but were often mistaken for twins.

The sisters were close-knit brothers. Both graduated from PWST in Warsaw, and together they performed on stage as Wine Sisters – they could be admired by audiences, among other things at the 1978 Opole Festival.

It is interesting that on the same day they married two famous actors – Barbara Winarska Paweł WawrzeckiMaria – for Wiktor Zborowski.

“People were often surprised that we were so in tune. Same gesture, heel tap. It was obvious to us,” Maria Winiarska said in an interview with “Wysokie Obcasy.”

Barbara Winarska has appeared in such productions as “There is no rose without fire”And the “bear” if “Kogel mogel”. Viewers certainly remember her role in the film “Teddy Bear” directed by Stanisław Parija, where she played a saleswoman selling meat from under the table.

Paweł Wawrzecki was doing very well at a professional level (“Złotopolscy”, “Players”, “Akcja pod Arsenał”). At first, the acting couple could enjoy a good streak. They both played a lot and the world of show business was open to them.

The actress’s career slowed down when she gave birth to a daughter, Anya, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Winiarska decided to devote herself to the family and caring for children. She has completely given up her career, quitting acting so that she can focus fully on her daughter.

In the meantime, Wawrzecki had to work redoubled efforts to ensure a decent life for the family. Both tried to provide the best possible conditions for their daughter, but problems began to arise in their marriage.

“Many specialists told us that a sick child is a sick marriage and it is better to prepare for its dissolution,” – the actor said in an interview with “Rewia”.

Wawrzecki played in several productions at the same time and was almost absent from home. For the represented couple, the most important thing was the happiness of the daughter. At the end of the 90s, the actor began an affair with Agnieszka Kotulanka. However, he did not leave his wife and disabled daughter.

Barbara Winarska decided to help other children over time. She founded the “Elf” association to help children, the disabled and their families. Even today, the organization works for children with physical and mental disabilities.

The actress died unexpectedly on September 18, 2002 of a cerebral hemorrhage while on vacation in Kolobrzeg. The cause of death was an aneurysm. Barbara Winarska is buried in Stare Powązki in Warsaw.

Since then, the care of the disabled daughter has been on the shoulders of Bowie Warzeki.

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Basia died at the age of fifty. I cannot imagine that I would have endured this tragedy had it not been for my husband and children. They gave me strength and faith in a better tomorrow. Wextor’s mother supported me so much, alas, today also from belated memory. I repeated that after evil, it must come Good. Thank God, she was right. Today I can smile again ”- said Maria Winarska in“ Dobri Tegodnya ”.

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