Summer picnics with European crates in owicz, ód

An area dedicated to European financing, performances by bands, a children’s play area, meetings with patrons and delicious food from local housewives’ clubs – participants of outdoor events in the region can count on such attractions. Picnics in ódki Prefecture are already a tradition. The events not only boost EU funding but also provide an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

This year’s version of meetings began in April in the medieval fortified settlement of Tom. In the following months, the Marshal’s office in the Lodz region planned as many as 21 events that would certainly diversify the summer days for the residents of our region.

summer with picnics

On June 1, a picnic will be held in Brzeziny, along with the celebration of Children’s Day. In order to suit family gatherings, special play areas are equipped for the little ones. Children will be able to jump on the inflatable castles and show their artistic talent by singing or drawing pictures. Many free attractions await all participants of the event, including concerts and competitions with prizes. In the first week of the month, two more flights will take place: on June 3rd in Dalekou and on June 7th in Syrades. At all meetings with European funds, all those interested will be able to find out how to obtain a subsidy for the creation of their own business, how to obtain a loan for the development of an enterprise, and what the implementation of an EU project looks like. Special jobs have been prepared for Ukrainian citizens, where they can get information on how and where to look for a job in Poland. On June 11, we invite you to Wieruszów, and on June 12, residents of Łask poviat will enjoy a picnic in Kolumna. Circles of local housewives, who will prepare delicious food for everyone, will take care of the whole stomachs of visitors. On June 18, unusual attractions will be held in Ostrów Warcki. During the outing called the beginning of summer, there will be a regatta, and time will be enjoyed at the Disco Polo Song Festival. The last outing in June will be in Głuchów. In July, music will be played in Szadek, Lubochnia, Szczerców, Krośniewice and Sędziejowice and in August in Ostrówek and Kocierzew Południe. The Picnic Festival in لودód will end with the Regional Harvest Festival in Radomsko, which will be held on August 21. Every outing is unique attractions, star parties, competitions with prizes and delicious food. Reports from each outing can be found on the Facebook profile We’re changing Lodzki. We are calling.

European funds in the Łowicz . region

European funds assist in the implementation of many activities. They finance investments in environmental protection and energy, as well as projects in culture, education, employment and combating social exclusion. In the province of Łowicz, EU funds have been invested in the expansion of Regional Route 703 in the Chruślin – Brzozów section, as a result of the works, technical conditions, capacity and traffic safety have improved, and the loading capacity of the road has been modified in accordance with the regulations in force. Thanks to EU funding, high-quality classes, and the development of the educational offer, have been implemented at the Kernozy Youth Social Therapy Center. Modern computers were purchased with software for a computer lab, technical lab and meal prep room. The funds also improved the tourist attraction of Niboru commune. A hotel facility has been developed there in order to offer new tourism services using the self-propelled potential of the Bzora River Valley. Everyone can find their opportunity to develop with European funds, it is enough to reach them.

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