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Katarzyna Sichubek is one of the most famous actresses in Poland. Much has been written about the star in the media world recently due to her split from her husband, Marcin Hkail. The actress and dancer decided to end their marriage after 17 years together. Here’s everything we know about Katarzyna Cichopek and one of this year’s loudest bangs.

In 2005, Katarzyna Cichopek became a participant in the program “Dancing with the Stars”. Marcin Hkail became the coach of the actress. Thus began the relationship that turned into a marriage of two children. Although they both tried professionally, “Dancing with the Stars” actually won out as a couple. “We did rumba, the love dance. I was at work then, so I tried to control my emotions,” the dancer said in an interview. Although the media quickly speculated that the relationship between Chickupek and Hakiel was a cheap marketing ploy, they did not listen to criticism A year after the end of the program, they founded the dance school “Hakeel – Dance Academy”.

Katarzyna Šikobec and Marcin Haeckel stood on the wedding carpet on September 20, 2008. The lovers got married at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzybtovki in Zakopane. The actress said in 2019 in an interview with “Viva!”. The first rumors about a crisis in their relationship began in 2010. They did not respond to any of them. across time. In 2012, Chikupek broke the silence and referred to the comments in “Fifi!”. “No, we don’t. Why do we divorce and we’re fine? For now, I’m staying with my mother, while Marcin is renovating our home in Wilano. We found that nothing would happen if I lived with my parents for a while. Anyway, I feel like I’m in heaven with them.” But it’s too tight for the three of us.” A year later, their second child appeared in the world. Over the years, both have achieved professional performances. Cichopek continued to play “M jak miłość”, and Hakel taught dance. They raised two children together and recently celebrated their thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Katarzyna Chikupek and Marcin Haeckel first became parents in 2009, when their son Adam was born. In an interview with Mamo To Ja, she admitted that she didn’t expect motherhood to be such a challenge. “Sure, I knew at night I would wake up for feeding or changing, but I didn’t know that for the first six months after giving birth I wouldn’t sleep even two hours in a row.” When asked how she survived the difficult moments she replied, “With each passing day we are getting closer to the end of the colic. Since I have endured so much, I can do a little more.”

In 2013, the couple’s daughter, Helena, was born. As an actress, Cichopek has a very busy schedule and irregular working hours. She revealed in an interview with Dzechi magazine that there are moments when she blames herself for spending so little time with her children. “Sometimes I have a conscience, especially when I have a lot of work to do, but I quickly repeat in my mind that I am also working for the children to give them a better start in life and, above all, education. Thanks to the fact that I am working, I am also richer in many From experiences and gain life wisdom, which I want to pass on to my children later, ”- said the actress.

In October 2021, Katarzyna Sichubek and Marcin Haeckel celebrated their thirteenth “Lace” wedding anniversary. Then they both shared touching Instagram posts with archival photos from their wedding session. The actress and dancer issued a joint statement announcing their separation in early March.

“We have made the decision to separate. 17 years behind us, many wonderful moments for which we thank each other. We have wonderful children and for their sake we ask that you respect our privacy and theirs. This is our only statement on this and we will not comment on that.” – The couple wrote.

Although it was supposed to be the last statement of the couple on this topic, Marcin Haeckel was invited to participate in the program “City of Women”. In an interview with Alexandra Kwaśniewska, he first commented on the separation from the actress. He revealed the feelings he is now facing and admitted that he had begun therapy. When Kwainivska asked the dancers about her reasons for breaking up with Katarzyna Sichubek, and Hakel emphasized that she did not want to “wash the dirt out” publicly. However, he revealed that his ex-partner asked for “more freedom” and thus indicated that he had been betrayed.

“The most difficult moment in this whole situation was that my ex-partner was asking for freedom, and more freedom, and space for some time, I gave it to her, and one day it turned out that this freedom had a name” – said Marcin Heckel in “City of Women.”

Katarzyna Cichopek on Instagram is currently viewed by more than 530,000 people. The star is very active on social media and often posts regarding her professional and private life. The actress often shares with observers behind the scenes of filming sessions, plans, programs, or frames of her personal life. Before announcing her split from Hakel, she regularly posted photos of her entire family. Now the actress is focused on promoting new projects, roles and interviews. When it comes to the star’s private life, only pictures of her children – 13-year-old Adam and 9-year-old Helena – are currently appearing on the star’s Instagram. Cichopek is also a huge fan of fashion and often adds pictures of his super trendy styles!

Katarzyna Cichopek is a star with an impeccable personality. The actress initially lost a lot of weight when she was on Dancing with the Stars. Regular training and a healthy diet greatly affected her weight. Although she has been involved for many years, today she is still committed to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In 2021, Katarzyna Chikupek revealed her current weight. However, this was not a miracle diet effect. The actress works hard for her character. She even took part in the Anna Lewandowska camp. All this means that today Kasia Cichopek weighs less than 50 kilograms! She praised the effects of regular training on her InstaStory. Earlier on the program “Questions for Breakfast”, she revealed that she managed to lose up to six kilograms. After the birth of her second child, daughter Helenka, the actress in one of the interviews told in the program “Super Express” what the diet helped her lose unnecessary kilograms.

“I start my day with breakfast, which consists of natural yoghurt with muesli and fruits. For lunch I eat vegetable soup, for example pumpkin. For dinner either chicken or fish, choice of rice or porridge. And of course a lot of vegetables. Tea. Then I can have jelly or jelly Or pudding. And for dinner I have two small sandwiches made of brown bread, mackerel paste or eggs and vegetables. For example, cucumbers and lettuce … I use a mail-order diet “- she said.

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