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The Polish art market has been growing since its inception more than 30 years ago. 2021 was not similar to it, the turnover amounted to more than 600 million PLN and was higher from year to year by more than 60%, moreover, despite the uncertainty about large-scale investment, in the first quarter of 2022 showed This market is further growth. For years, back-to-back auctions were accompanied by an unofficial competition, whose name would set a new record. During the Polswiss Art Auction in May, it will be possible to bid on the works of artists who are in the canon of the concept of investing in art, and who are distinguished by their artistic value and stable position in the market.

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Magdalena Abakanovic “Personality with Open Arms”, 1984

Although we associate art with the field of pleasure, the situation in the market requires a serious approach to investing in art and supporting it with a system of expert recommendation – confirms Iona Buechner-Gerzyak, President of Art Auctions at Polswiss.

Thus, the highest level of presentation of contemporary art at the auction is the presence of the paintings by Wojciech Vangor “Square 17” and “M39”, as well as the “figure with open arms” of the most expensive Polish artist – Magdalena fallen Abakanowicz (record – 13.6 million PLN – day Tuesday, December 7 at Polswiss Art Auction House and belongs to the sculptural group of 83 figures by Magdalena Abakanovic (“Bambini”) and works by classics such as Stanislav Vejakovsky.

At the auction at Polswiss Art there was also a white raven on the market – five watercolors of the 18th century master Alexander Orovsky from the Krasiczyn collection of the Sapieha princes from 1795-1802. It is possible that their origin goes back to the collection of Izabela Czartoryska and this is probably the only thing for the artist that has been kept in private hands. Its valuation fluctuates around 3-4 million PLN.

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Wojciech Fangor, “M34”, 1969

In this collection of early art masters for this auction we will also find a monumental and mystical painting by Lianne Stica, “Christians in the Underground Circus” and the majestic Young Poland painting “Heart of Jesus” by Joseph Mahover. The painting from 1930 belongs to the genre of religious painting and is very rich in symbolic terms. It is a rarity in the context of the artist’s legacy, where the religious theme has been represented by large-scale works. Religious works of a more private and almost intimate nature are hardly found in the works of Mahover.

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Aleksandr Orłowski “Collection of works from the collections of the Sapieha Krasiczyn princes”, circa 1795-1802

Another painting from Polswiss Art Auction with a unique history. It’s a bullet in 1939 that fell in the studio of artist Eduard Okun, a portrait of Joseph Piłsudski in 1921. Okuń and his wife moved into an apartment house in the Old Market Square in Warsaw. When World War II broke out, the Okuniów House was on the line of fire. On September 24, 1939, one of the missiles hit the portrait of the Marshal.

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“Heart of Jesus” by Joseph Mahover, 1930

Collectors and investors should pay attention to the works offered by the masters of the Parisian school: in this auction we can choose from paintings by Eugenius Zach (“Girl with a Mandolin” exhibited in Paris, New York and Buffalo), by Mila Muter (“Still Life with Fish”). ‘) and a painted, light-painted view of Amsterdam by one of the most appreciated artists in this circle – Mojżesz Kisling. Besides these works, there are also early and unusual works by Jerzy Novoselsky (“Women at the Toilet”, 1975; “Still Life”), Jan Tarasin (“Ekran”, 1977), Alfrd Lenica (“Ułuda mitu”, 1964) and Jonah Stern. (“antiquities”). The catalog is enriched by sculptural works by Edward Wiciński (“Przed otchłanią”, 1900), Xawery Dunikowski (“Head of Leopold Gottlieb”), and Henryk Wiciński (“lying” 1933/1934) as well as post-war ceramics by Leszek Novoseilsky (“Composition”). “, 1972).

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Andrzej Wróblewski “Sketch to Ukrzesłównia”, circa 1955-1956

For the auction catalog cover work, Polswiss Art chose large format Andrzej Wróblewski. One of the most important Polish artists of the post-war period. His sketch of Ukrzesłowienia was written a year before the artist’s death, circa 1955-56, and has a value of 5 million PLN.


Fine Art Auction – Tuesday, May 31 at 19.00.

Online Auction Catalog:

Pre-Auction Exhibition: May 16 – May 31 2022

Auction hall, ul. Wiejska 20, Warsaw

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