Anna Lewandowska has been looking for her own style for a long time. I finally found it

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Early in her media career, Anna Lewandowska didn’t knock her to her knees with her style and sense of trends. It took Robert Lewandowski’s wife several years to find an unusual taste for fashion and to show that she can dress sexy and interesting, not just beautiful. She gained a completely new image by finding her own fashion path.

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Anna Lewandowska and Clara went to the hairdresser

Karolak was digging trenches and Wiśniewski was packing onions. Rosnersky was ashamed of his work

Anna Lewandowska did not always know what to look original. She’s been looking for “herself” in fashion for a long time

Over time, Anna Lewandowska became more and more interested in fashion. The wallet was completely full and the easier access to brands from the highest price range had a huge impact on this. However, her style lacked a certain originality and a hint of madness. Everything she was wearing was very boring and expected. At the Bizuu 2013 show, she looked decent, but colorless.

Peso - Fashion ShowPeso – Fashion Show mkudelski / KUDELSKI MAREK /

The dress made of a mix of eco-leather and mesh looks good for those times, but it’s no longer the fashion identity of Anna Lewandowska, who presented it in salons in 2022.

There were many attempts. I made the same mistake many times

Businesswoman often forgot about expressiveness and preferred not to stand out, looking very mediocre at the same time. Cosa Ramones sweater, kind of circle skirt and we’ve got a boring “dress” ready. It’s cool, but our heroine of fashion transformations has always been able to do more.


The essence of kindness and mediocrity

This attitude was bad in every respect. I understand the fashion for interesting combinations and color combinations, but something definitely went wrong here. It seems to me that the design was thought wrong, so the shape and the satin material do not stand up for themselves after many years. This is not a style we would like to see a beautiful, athletic woman in.

Sports Champions PartySports Champions Party mkudelski / KUDELSKI MAREK /

The land of trivialities and cliched solutions

Anna Lewandowska wandered the nooks and crannies of fashion for a long time to finally say: “Yes! I know what I want in fashion!”. Fortunately, we had a stylish return to the salons, but before that happened, we had to wait a moment for a stunning transformation…

& Meet violators of the myth about health& Meet violators of the myth about health kkatny / KTNY KAROL /

Slowly begin to understand what fashion is, but it is still not fashion

Anna Lewandowska will expand her fashion awareness over time. Here we have an excellent example of that: a simple colorful dress in a blood red shade, but what particularly catches my eye is its fun look. Thanks to this, the creation has a different tone – it is fashionable and (finally!) interesting. Fortunately, not at the basic level, but at the intermediate level. A lot happens here, but everything is delicious and thoughtfully thought out. I did well!

TVN BallTVN Ball dzak / AK DAMIAN /

Impresses Anna Lewandowska and begins to fight for the title of a true Polish fashion designer

It is unbelievable how a young beautiful girl who loves to look cute before our eyes is born, when a woman is born aware of her taste and taste. The coach went through a stunning glow, perhaps thanks to new designers showing off her areas in previously undiscovered (or perhaps unavailable?) outfits. Anyway, the effect is amazing. We see a beautiful, happy woman in a sexy succulent orange outfit with a Basque, but it’s rendered in a really eccentric fuchsia version. In addition to the richly decorated necklace we have. Excellence!

France Cannes 2022 amfAR ArrivalsFrance Cannes 2022 amfAR Arrivals Joel C Ryan / Joel C Ryan / Invision / The Associated Press

Anna Lewandowska as a Hollywood star!

The violet color in this version perfectly corresponds to the beauty and mood of our heroine. No more, no less!

France Cannes 2022 Elvis Red CarpetFrance Cannes 2022 Elvis Red Carpet Photo by Petros Giannakouris / AP Photo

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the latest celebrity styles, because you have to admit there is something to get attached to.

You can see more Anna Lewandowska photos from the past in the gallery at the top of the page.

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