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The Contact International Festival of Theatre, concerts and performances are just some of the suggestions for this weekend. The Marshall Cultural Foundations will once again make sure that the pleasant memories of connecting with art stay with us at least until next week!

The Kontakt Theater Festival takes place at the Wilam Horzyca Theater in Toruń. This weekend, the theater will host a multidisciplinary project created by Ukrainian artists Life in a state of war.” The repertoire also includes a performance by the Vilnius Youth Theater “Vienna Forest Tales.” Tickets are available on the website.

The Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz will present the sounds of the blues on Friday (27 May). The musicians of the Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Swamir Cherzhanovsky, will perform songs from the movie “Blues Brothers”. The film will be sung by Jolanta Shchepanyak, Zbigniew Zamachovsky and Maciej Michnikovsky. Tickets are available on the website.

Ready for a crime in the theater? If so, there is nothing to wait for! At the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Musical Theater in Toruń this weekend (May 27 and 28) – “Zbrodnia i karaoke”. It’s a crime comedy with folk songs (from the Perfect, Manaam and Bajm repertoire, among others) played by Toru musicians. Tickets can be purchased from the website.

As part of the eleventh edition of the Children’s Picture Book Festival “LiterObrazki” Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Dr. Witold Bełza in Bydgoszcz invites you to attractive exhibitions, workshops and performances. Next meetings on May 30th. The program of events is available on the library’s website.

Hoffmann’s Jazz will take place on Saturday (May 28) at the Kujawsko-Pomorsky Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz. KPCK encourages you to join the upcoming party in Bydgoski Kolektyw Kompozytorski’s “Jazz for Mr Ives, Jazz for Mr Serocki”. Kazimierz Serocki, Tomasz Sikorski and Charles Ives are personalities who until some time have not been recognized and appreciated to the extent that they deserve. More information on the page.

Also at Bydgoszcz KPCK, on ​​Friday (27 May), you can participate in the verbal and musical performance “The Recipe for Love”. It’s a story about a feeling that wins it all, even if the road towards it is sometimes bumpy and curvy. Is there a recipe for love? The show will feature famous pieces from the repertoire of the greatest Polish artists, such as Maria Korbska, Eleni and Irina Jaruka. Details on the site.

Next Saturday (May 28) we invite you to the Chopin Center in Zavarnia for a performance of “The Strange Chopin” presented by the students of Toro High School. Art tells about the life and work of Frédéric Chopin in an innovative way. Young people will play the roles of Fryderyk who lived at that time and important people in his life. free entry. Details on the site.

The Włocławek History Museum invites you to participate, on Friday (27 May), in the fifth in a series of ten historical meetings devoted to the history of Włocławek, “with Arentowicz through the former streets of Włocławek – Przedmiejska, Nowy Rynek. Disorder of demand.” In addition, stories will be presented regarding the problems of maintaining order in the former streets and squares of Votokoavík. More details on the site.

A chance to meet the three art authors. Brut from Mazovia will be a film encounter others. Art is where no one looks. This event is organized on Saturday (May 28) by the Ethnographic Museum of the Kojawska and Dobrzyn Lands in Włocławek. In the short films made in the summer of 2021, we will see Włodzimierz Roson, Wacław Rędziński and Władysław Szymczyk – mature men with a passion for art. Information on the site.

On Saturday (May 28), a Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa from Toruń encourages her to take part in the children’s show of rural folklore “Ele mele dudki”. Five-year-olds from kindergarten in Toruń will offer folklore-based programs for children. Details on the site.

Beata Krzymineska Marshal’s office spokesman

picture: Contact the International Theater Festival, Fot. Willam Horzika Theater in Torun

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