Seduce Ewa Jaurlock with attractive breasts. How do you look today?

Ewa Goriluk I was The queen of nude scenes in Polish cinema at the end of the twentieth century. In the nineties, a beautiful blonde ignited the senses of men, and presented her charm in all her glory in the series “Polish cuisine“.

Although more than 30 years have passed since then, Ewa Goriluk She did not stop admiring her beauty. On the contrary, in the opinion of many Poles, she remains one of the most attractive Polish actresses.

Ewa Goriluk 54 years old. She was born on December 13, 1967, which means she is under the sign of Sagittarius.

Artist He is 171 cm tall, comes from Myastko in the Pomeranian Province. Initially, she attended Primary School No. 1 there, and graduated from it after graduating education in Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adam Mickiewicz.

After high school Ewa Goriluk She decided to continue her education in the field of art at the Leon Schiller State Higher School of Film, Television and Theater in ód, from which she graduated in 1991.

The star of the seriesOn Wspólna . Street“She actively participates in social media, especially on Instagram, where she is very popular due to many photos of fashionable styles, which she regularly shares with fans.

Ewa Goriluk Instagram: /ewa_gawryluk/ Already amassed more than 40,000 followers.

javrilock For 22 years she was married to an actor Waldemar Baszczyk. The couple met in the mid-90s and it was love on the man’s part at first sight.

“I fell in love with Ewa during the first year of school, but then I could only dream about her” – he said In an interview with Interia. The actress was initially insecure, but soon realized during the meeting that Valdemar was right for her.

Ewa Goriluk Waldemar Paszek married in 1999. The star posted a photo from the wedding on the Internet some time ago, thanks to which fans had the opportunity to see her beautiful wedding dress.

Ten months after the couple were married, their only child was born. Daughter of Ewa Goriluk And the Waldemar Baszczyk She is currently 21 years old. Maria Blaszczyk She has grown up to be a beautiful young woman who plays bass with Moron Morons and has her own alternative style of clothing. She can also do amazing artistic makeup.

Ewa Blaschek and Waldemar Bachchik For years they were considered a happy marriage. Unfortunately, in In December 2021, they reported the separation in a private statement, which was later read in “Dzień Dobry TVN”.

The reasons for their separation are unknown. However, the couple has been known to always avoid public conversations about their private lives, so they probably don’t want to talk about divorce either.

Ewa Goriluk She graduated from the Acting Department of the Polish National School of Film, Television and Theater in ód in 1991 and then also appeared in Sławomir Kryński’happy babyAnd the dramasharpThat was two years after her first on-screen appearance in The Windmills of Ranley.

The role of Francesca Pisekerska in the series brought great popularity to the beautiful actress “Polish cuisine“, where viewers can enjoy her magic in full glory. In the same year, the young star played Iruka in Yan Omneki’s feature film”big funnel“.

Ewa Goriluk To be called the main sex bomb of Polish cinema in the 90s, she also deserves roles in productions like “a house” if “brain attackIn the latter, I played alongside Olaf Lobaszenko in 1997.

It was also the time that nude photos of the “Playboy” star were posted. Over the years, the beautiful actress has appeared in more than thirty undressing scenesFans were taken aback when they saw her attractive forms.

Ewa garlock now Fans can relate mainly to roles in popular series. He plays Ewa in the movie “First Love”, and in the TV series “Na Wspólnej” on TVN he plays the strong and independent Ewa Hoover.

Although time has passed, the beauty of the beautiful actress does not fade a little, and many teens can envy her graceful figure.

The artist regularly posts her new photos on the Internet and it must be admitted that she looks really great when she is in sexy leggings and net stockings. From long and abundant legs Bust Ewa Gurlock It’s still hard to look away.

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