Nobody can play madness like that. Why was Ray Liotta such a great actor?

  • Matt Ray Liotta. The cult actor was 67 years old
  • Liotta went down in the history of cinema with many amazing creations. Chief among them is the role of Henry Hill in “Chłopcy z gajny”.
  • Later, the filmmakers eagerly cast the actor in the roles of various types of thugs and psychopaths. Liotta tried to avoid being labeled, but it didn’t quite work
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When the name “Ray Liotta” is mentioned, most viewers immediately think “Gangster Boys”Martin Scorsese’s 1990 crime drama. Liotta played a neighborhood boy who “wanted to be a gangster.” Even though Henry Hill performs after acts of violence mercilessly, the actor manages to smuggle a little humanity into this character. Hill begins recklessly, then plunges into betrayal, drug possession and constant fear. In this way, viewers remembered Liotta, because he managed to show the complexity of the gangster’s character. As Owen Gilberman wrote in “Variety” about Hill, “You have to be a sociopath to be envious.”

Ray Liotta in “Chłopcy z ferajny” (1990) – Warner Brothers/Getty Images/Getty Images

“Boys From the Gang” wasn’t the first movie in which Utah showed what he could do. Attract attention in “unbridled passion” Jonathan Demme, the second full-length movie he’s starred in. This 1986 production is a little debauched, but it gave the young actor a chance to prove himself – Liotta as Ray, the crazy husband of the protagonist played by Melanie Griffith, shoplifts, breaks his nose and emotionally blackmails. Surely, many viewers, who first saw the 31-year-old actor, asked themselves: who is this?

Characteristic emploi It made Liotta unable to break out of the roles of forbidden lunatics. He starred in productions such as the 1992 tragicomedy “Article 99” and dramas “Corina, Corina” from 1994; In the last film, the actor plays a worried widower who is concerned about the condition of his daughter who cannot come to terms with her mother’s death. Here Liotta had a lot of emotional charge to play – the protagonist falls in love again. The actor played a great role, but he was not made for such roles. Even in the tender moments, you could see that somewhere under the surface Henry Hill’s rage was exploding within him…

Ray Liotta (1988)Ray Liotta (1988) – Orion Pictures / Getty Images / Getty Images

Liotta to the end was associated with the cinema genre. You could say that the gangster filmmakers loved it. The creator of “The Sopranos” David Chase once tried to hire Liotta to play Ralphie Ciffaretto, a sociopath, but the actor did not want to work on television at the time. He waited for a different kind of collaboration with Chase, and it finally did – he agreed to join the cast of the pre-movie for “The Sopranos,” titled All Saints in New Jersey. Initially, he was supposed to play only Dick Multisanti, Dickie’s father and Christopher’s well-known grandfather from the series. That changed when no other actor was found playing Dick’s imprisoned brother Sal. So Liotta played the twin brothers.

It’s a real show, because Sal and Dick are two different personalities. Dick was boisterous, Sal is a quiet Buddhist and jazz fan who seems to notice every lie from his nephew Dicky. Liotta lost a bit of weight and cut his hair in the between turns, but the transformation appears to be much deeper. Sal and Dickey’s last conversation — in which Sal referred to John Coltrane, suggesting that many things Dickie is not happy to do — was amazing.

Ray Liotta (2017)Ray Liotta (2017) – Vincent Sandoval / Getty Images / Getty Images

Liotta overstepped the bounds that directors tried to force him to. In 2019, in one of his last performances on the big screen, the actor starred in the popular movie “Wedding Story” starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. As Jay Morata, a divorce attorney, he wears a bejeweled ring and has the power of a hammer to break down walls. Rolling Stone described him as a “law lizard with a serious voice and captivating style.” Dirty rich Moratta can get the client off the hook, but in the end he does everything for the show, because only money matters.

Unfortunately, Liotta hasn’t been given great roles lately to the best of his abilities – instead, he’s been cast in the background or as a character actor. Devoted fans have been waiting for a director in the style of Quentin Tarantino to bring him back to the Premier League. There was not enough time. However, the many creations he created have survived over the years. They show that Hollywood lost a great actor yesterday.



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