Magdalena Cotta: From “Sexmission” to “Ranches”

Magdalena Cotta Born in 1957 in Warsaw. In 1981, she graduated from the acting department of the State Theater School in Warsaw, and made her screen debut a year earlier in the movie “In the Daylight”.

Soon, we saw him in Juliusz Machulski’s groundbreaking movie “Sexmission”.

“It was a great experience for me, all these influences, the design of the site is built with great respect, and great actors. In addition, I had to make the first important and difficult professional decision. From the stage where I was working at the time, I got “TV 14” magazine said that the warning – whether it was a movie or theater .. a movie because I felt that I should not refuse it and I did not regret it, even though this role was just an episode.

In the following years, she appeared regularly in both films and serials, but usually received only episodic or supporting roles. Viewers can associate it with products such as “Inferno”, “Samo Życie” or “At the Hairdresser”.

However, the career of the actress blossomed only in 2006, when she was offered to play the role of Leokadia Paciorek (Czerepach) in the TVP comedy series – “Farm”. She played the accountant Ludsia for 10 years, constantly entertaining and influencing viewers. This role was a dream come true for the actress, because her heroine was a multidimensional character and during the series underwent a major transformation.

She said in an interview, “I felt like this role was written just for me. I was pleased with the art of the book and the comedy that fit perfectly with my sense of humor. More and more of me. And that’s how it turned out.” with Entrea.

The actress did not hide that the role of Lodz gained her popularity.

“People come, ask what will happen in لودód, and give advice. I heard the most amazing expressions of appreciation from the lips of the head of the supreme power in Warsaw Cathedral, during the procession. As he passed me, he whispered: ‘Congratulations on the turn!’ I wonder which was which. I thought it Perhaps it was a theater. – The actress said “Tili Tegodny.”

Magdalena Kota stated in many interviews that she did not have an easy life in her youth. The actress comes from a family with many children, which often lacks money. When she got a catalog of her dream theater school, she was very happy. However, she did not think that more difficult moments were waiting for her so soon.

While she was still a student, Kouta found out that she was pregnant. It was a huge surprise for her because she did not plan to become a mother. To make matters worse, it turns out that her partner is already with another woman.

“I felt a terrible fear. I was desperate because my partner had passed away to another woman. From this horror and helplessness, I first wanted to end this pregnancy. In my head I had only one thought: I alone, I will not be able to cope!” – she stated in One of the interviews.

The actress was afraid to tell her mother about the pregnancy and decided to entrust her case to God. Then she claims to have regained her consolation and everything starts to unravel. The father of the child learned about the pregnancy and offered him support.

“I owe it to God. He helped me deal with all my fears and give birth to Tom” – admitted Kota.

Currently, the actress’s son has already started his family, and the Ludzia series is already a grandmother.

Magdalena Cotta remains professionally active, appearing in both television and film productions.

Television audiences might associate her with roles in “The Wine Century” (Prosecutor Hanna Gołębianka), “Mecenas Porada” (Maria Stelmach, Makuch’s neighbor) or “Żywiołach Saszy. Ogień” (Hanna Duwe “Platyna”).

Kuta also appears on the big screen. We can see it in critically acclaimed films: “Amok” by Katarzina Adamec (Teresa Balla, Christian’s mother), “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn (Danusia) or “March 68” by Christoph Lang (theatre director at the National Theater).

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