Liam Gallagher ‘C’Mon You Know’: Better days have come

After separation oasis It might seem Liam Gallagher He will have trouble achieving at least an alternative to the success of his old team on his own. He was the voice of most of their songs, but in the end, his voice wasn’t everything – his brother Noel was primarily responsible for the lyrics and composition.

in a team Al Ain Kharazy Liam was nurturing musical traditions in the ’90s, but it’s time for a change. Through his solo projects, at least in a fine line, he tries to isolate himself from his old works – at least to the point that people don’t expect him to play the same numbers from a distant era over and over again.

a new album “Come on you know” He is the Caliph “Why me? Why not” From 2019, which in the singer’s catalog had a similar function to the previous album “as I was” (2017). With small steps, it allowed him to return to the consciousness of the audience and at the same time indicate that he still depends on the world stage. The third album is a meeting between old Liam and the new album, allowing himself more experimentation and fun. I hope to follow these tracks in future recordings.

Gallagher does not forget his early inspirations, hence the attention of fans of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. We hear the first reference in the opening “more energy”, a number that initially seemed like the icing on the cake. It immediately brings to mind the classic stone figure of “You can’t always get what you want.” For all those who sleep in a children’s choir, it comes as a surprise and finally offers a completely different electronic liam.

next one, “Diamonds in the Dark”, with a rift confusingly similar to the hit of the Arctic Monkeys, it’s the Gallagher, we’ve never heard of. Sleepy synthesizers and recurring guitar riffs are as great as the last single before the premiere. Hossam also pressed the iconic line from “A Day In The Life” – “Now I know how many holes it takes”It is the first reference to the Beatles. But take it simple – there are plenty of those here.

Title “Come on you know” In a gospel atmosphere, from the mouth of Gallagher sounds like a call to brothers and sisters. “You know it’s going to be alright / And we’ll dance all night long” – Calms all anxiety about reality. Deprived of his brotherly love, Noel seems to have found a “new family” in the form of young fans who treat him like a demigod. Watching his recent actions on Twitter and during concerts, it’s clear that fans love him more than Oasis times.

On the album cover, he was also accompanied by teens, and Liam himself seemed to feel like one of them. It is not surprising, then, that in just a few days he will play two completely sold-out concerts to a total of 320,000 people at the legendary Knebworth.

“C’Mon You Know” is a very joyful album. You can hear Hussam still feels good about what he’s doing. “Too good to give up” Possibly the most Oasis lineup on the album with Lennon’s economy piano, as well as the string part. A short slide solo completes the listening pleasure.

In a few songs, you can hear an open track from the Beatles’ “Tommorow Never Knows” – including ‘It wasn’t meant to be’. just in “Better days” Turns out we got a song heavily inspired by this cult recording of the four from Livepool. The percussion percussion as well as the “reverse solo” sound is similar to the classic Beatles sound.

“If you get lost, I’ll find you there / With sunlight in your hair / And sadness washed away by the rain” Liam has gone from being a wayward and often grumpy British pop star right before our eyes to an artist who wants to bring joy to others.

The first song from the album was “everything electric”Which gave what everyone expected – the typical screaming and rebellious Liam. The other leader sat on the drums Foo Fighters Dave Grohl. The duo created a song with the biggest kick, which will prove to be as good as a concert cult Morning glory. A Rolling Stones fan shouldn’t miss – the flavors in the form of keys and repetitive riffs are super fun, which sound like they’re taken straight from “Gimme Shelter” and “Sympathy For The Devil.”

Gallagher still winks at fans of ’60s Oriental music “The world needs” Smells like The Beatles’ “Inside You Without You” – must have been Liam’s repertoire from a long time ago. It also deserves attention “Moscow rules” A bit mysterious and dramatic, at the same time it evokes associations with a psychedelic atmosphere (flute, saxophone), and in an instant turns into a film noir soundtrack. Supports it in the widget Ezra Koenig with Vampire Weekend.

While listening to “C’Mon You Know” I sometimes had the impression that I was dealing with an Oasis version of “Exile on Main St.” Liam meticulously combined very different musical styles and the effect was surprisingly good. In principle, gospel rock with a mixture of electronics can turn into a rather difficult to digest dish, and “C’Mon You Know” is enjoyed with pleasure. Gallagher leaves you hungry for more.

Andrew WhiteThe disc producer did a great job. After the last two albums that are very similar, I was expecting another album with the typical Gallagher voice. How fun it was to be disappointed.

“C’Mon You Know” is a surprise album for me. I wasn’t expecting Liam’s new vocals to be with that kind of freshness, which derives at the same time from his past accomplishments, but also from the musical legacy of the 1960s. All of this makes it the best discography album for a former Oasis member.

Liam Gallagher “C’Mon You Know”, Warner Music


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