Kliszczak Festival in Pcim. Good music and food

This weekend, the Kliszczak 2022 Festival will be held in Pcim. This year, during a traditional regional event, an original memorial dedicated to mothers will be unveiled, representing Stanislava Smyrchenska, the mother of writer Władysław Orkan. The two-day world will see folk music and regional cuisine.

Monument to a Dedicated Mother

A unique monument erected by the park in Besim already in the fall, but its official unveiling is scheduled for the end of May coinciding with Mother’s Day celebrated at that time and the upcoming Children’s Day. For this purpose, the municipality received a subsidy of 280,000 PLN. PLN (100% of the cost) in the framework of the program of the Polish Sculpture Center in Oronesko entitled “Sculpture in the public space of The Independent – 2021”. The project partner is the Polish Highland Association of St. John Paul II, with whom our municipality signed an agreement in March of last year. The creator of the monument is a famous sculptor from Krakow, Czeslaw Duiga, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and the author of many monumental achievements in Poland and around the world. The idea behind the memorial’s creators was to emphasize the dedication of a devoted mother to her children. The symbol of this sacrifice is Katarzyna Smreczyńska, mother of the famous writer of Young Poland, Władysław Orkan, who was commemorated at the memorial. I walked from the expedition from Poriba Wilka (in Limanova Poviat) to Kraków (70 km!) to provide food for children studying in the capital of Malopolska. The municipality of Pcim is on its own promenade, and the place where the memorial is located is a symbolic meeting point for mothers and sons, who have been eagerly awaiting them at the start of summer holidays. The memorial to Mothers Consecrated to Children will be officially unveiled and dedicated on Saturday, May 28, at 8:00 pm. 15 as the opening of Święto Kliszczaka 2022 in Pcim. They will be accompanied by a performance by the brass band Orze from Trezbonia. Then the party participants will go to the KS Pcimianka sports complex, where performances will take place on the stage.

Not only popular music

Święta Kliszczaka is an outdoor event that has been organized since 2004. Although the main objective is to cultivate and promote local folklore, it also hosts regional teams from all over the world. Before the pandemic, in 2019, folk artists from New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nepal, and Chinese Taipei played and sang on stage at Pcim. This year, a folkloric group from Briza in Slovakia will perform.

The two-day event isn’t just folk music. One of the attractions will be the opportunity to taste products prepared by the clubs of country housewives from the Pcim Commune, which many visitors to regional fairs and fairs will appreciate. The star of Saturday evening will be Kapela Ciupaga, and the event will conclude with an outdoor disco. On Sunday, May 29, many attractions are planned for the youngest on the eve of their holiday.

Who are Kliszczacy?

It is worth adding where the original name of the Pcim Festival came from. Kliszczacy are the local highlanders who live in the central part of Beskid Średni, between the upper reaches of the Raba and Skawa rivers. The name “Kliszczacy” was first used by Ludwik Zejszner, who traveled along the Raba Valley in 1838 and was used in 1848 to describe this practice, which appeared in the “Warsaw Library”. In 1851, Wincenty Pol introduced the name of the group along with its origin. It was supposed to come from the distinctive cut worn by the residents (“kliszcz” shorts).

Meatball Festival 2022

Saturday 28 May

15.00 – Ceremony of unveiling and consecration of the Monument to Mothers Consecrated to Children

(performed by ORZEŁ brass band from Trzebunia) – Park

15.45 – walk from the park to the KS Pcimianka sports complex

16.00 – Performance of the brass band from Pcim

16.30 – Team from Turbaca

17.00 – Singing and dancing troupe – Mali Pcimianie, Circle of Housewives and Country Hosts from Pcim.

17.30 – the regional team “Rigel” them. Jan Godrul in Poronin

6.00 pm – Trzebunia regional team, ZPiT Mali Pcimianie

18.30 – a group of people from Briza, one of the partner municipalities of Slovakia

19.00 – ZIEMIA MYŚLENICKA Singing and Dance Ensemble

20.00 – Evening Star – Capella Ciobaga

21.30 – 2.00 DISCO POSTIVE VIBES (Brothers and Lenny)

Sunday May 29

15.00 – 20.00 Family outing (inflatables, climbing wall, games, fun, animation – many attractions for children and adults) KS Pcimianka Sports Complex

nose. Image: gmapcim.pl

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