just hits. The online portion of Millennium Docs Against Gravity has started

“Lombard”, “Cow”, “Silent Love” and many other great films. From May 24 to June 5, the festival audience on mdag.pl can watch 127 of the best documentaries from around the world, including the winners of the cinematic part of the 19th edition of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival.

This year’s festival big winner, winner of the Millennium Bank Grand Prix and three other awards, Lukasz Kowalski’s “Lombard,” will be available online only until May 28. It is a funny story about the largest pawnshop in Europe, which was located in Paitum. On mdag.pl, viewers and viewers will also be able to watch Marek Kozakiewicz’s “Silent Love”, the best Polish film of the year, about two women raising one’s brother together in the Polish countryside. The program of the second part of the festival will also include “Pisklaki” by Lydia Duda – an intimate story about the lives of blind and visually impaired children who begin their education in a boarding school. In turn, “The Cow” by Andrea Arnold, who won the Warsaw Green Award, will bring the Internet audience closer to the suffering life of Loma’s milking cow. “Young Plato”, dir. Neasa Ní Chianáin, Declan McGrath – Best Psychology Film awarded by “Zwierciadło” per month, allows you to see a unique school in Belfast, whose principal uses philosophy to fight violence passed down from generation to generation, Best Short Film – “The Edge of Freedom” Olivia Martin McGuire, appears The current situation in Hong Kong through the prism of the personal history of the main character’s family.

This year, the online part of the festival will show all films from the Main Competition, the Polish Competition and the Short Film Competition.

Online only: a retrospective exhibition by Sergei Lozhnica

The film “Baby Jar. Contexts “by Sergei Luzhnika, which was shown during the film segment of the festival, the online segment will be accompanied by a large-scale retrospective of the Ukrainian director. In total, it will be up to seven nicknames: “Change”, “Nice”, “Donbass”, “Stalin’s funeral”, “Process”, “Maidan. Revolution of dignity” and the aforementioned “Babi Yar”. Contexts.” A review of documentaries and fiction by Łoźnica allows us to fully understand his view of reality. The director constantly exposes the processes of political manipulation that led to the birth and development of totalitarianism, both past and present.

New this year, the online segment of the Short Film Competition will be accompanied by three additional thematic collections and a screening of Doc Alliance Award-nominated films.

From the Arctic through Finland and Serbia to the sunny Italian coast

In the “We Have to Talk” block dedicated to psychology and relationships, the authors look for answers to questions about whether infidelity can be beneficial for relationships? What is the process of recovering from mourning? How to free your body from the constraints of social expectations? The “Give Us a Vote” block shows that in many parts of the world human rights are still regularly violated, which is why independent documentary filmmakers play such an important role, showing an unmanaged picture of reality. This mass is a display of the effects of their relentless pursuit of truth. On the other hand, films in “personal spaces” will take viewers on a journey from the Arctic through Finland and Serbia to the sunny Italian coast. This block is an invitation to visit unusual places or, on the contrary, seem known to us, but hide secrets.

The short films nominated for the Doc Alliance Award have been selected by the most important documentary film festivals in Europe. Millennium Docs Against Gravity is a co-founder and member of the Doc Alliance Network with: CPH: DOX Copenhagen, DOK Leipzig, IDF Jihlava, FID Marseille, Visions du Réel Nyon, Doclisboa and Millennium Docs Against Gravity. The Doc Alliance Award for Best Feature Film and the Doc Alliance Award for Best Short Film are presented annually in Cannes.

Online accompanying events

As in previous years, face-to-face meetings and discussions will take place during the 19th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Conference. This year, not only on the festival’s fan page on Facebook and YouTube, but also on the TikTok platform.

Facebook and YouTube Festival Social media encounters

More on the festival website: mdag.pl

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