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I knew from a young age that she wanted to sing, but not in the choir! Joanna Jacobs feels better on stage alone. She loves beautiful texts, and writes herself too. The album “My New Wings” features classic pop songs. For everyone!

TS: When did you find out you wanted to sing?

Joanna Jacobas: Even when I was two years old, I touched my mother’s neck when she sang Christmas carols – I wanted to understand how a person makes such beautiful sounds. A few years later I would say: “Mom, I want to sing on stage!” As a girl, she fell in love with the movie and music of “The Lion King”, then “Titanic” and “Body Guard”. I sang “I will always love you” or “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” My mother took me to a singing professor who confirmed that I had good hearing and voice, but I was too young to train. Classical opera singing is professional singing, you should not start too early, because you may hurt yourself. That is why I was sent to the choir at the National Theater in Warsaw. It turned out that not for me – I preferred a solo performance on stage. Finally, when I was sixteen, I started taking singing lessons. I was also learning to play the piano and developing my musical knowledge.

TS: Does the experienced singer still take lessons, or does she not have to?

JJ: Many artists have their own coaches. The second pair of ears is easy to use – it can tell you what looks good and what to work on. But I know singers who work alone in front of the mirror, record themselves and then listen to them, because they don’t want anyone to impose a technique on them. The singer thrives with every role. We also change as people – what we want to express through artistic changes, and what we want to share.

TS: What makes the sound change? Alexandra Korzak said that there was a pregnancy and a child, but there are more such things.

JJ: The Voice hates stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, sadness, dehydration, and any overload. The pressure from private life is reflected in the voice, due to the tension of the muscles, jaw and neck. All this makes up our tool. The soul matters – there’s even a saying “unhappy bird does not sing”. When you don’t get enough sleep, wake up with a hoarse voice in the morning, speaking in a low voice. In such a situation, it is difficult to sing a part that requires high notes with a certain rhythm.

Do you know what helps? sports. I exercise for about 30 minutes a day – at home, on the carpet. When I watch her, I feel better on stage.

TS: What are you not allowed to do?

JJ: Smoke, but I’ve never done that, I don’t like smoking. Alcohol in large quantities dehydrates you, but I can buy a glass of wine with dinner. If the body is in good condition, so is the sound. Singers have to drink a lot. A humidifier helps in the home, especially in the winter. And when I have to sing and my throat dries up, I nibble on a capsule of linseed oil and it moisturizes my throat beautifully.

TS: I have studied in New York and London. How are these schools different?

JJ: The Manhattan School of Music is a former BA and the Royal College of Music is an MA. In the US you work on a regular basis, the English system is more stressful because there is one test at the end of the year and you have to do well in that time. What if you had a bad day? I took lessons in music history, ear training, piano, music theory, and literature. I learned French, Italian, and German because they are essential to opera. We had dance, ballet, the Alexander technique (a method that is supposed to restore the inner freedom of the body), yoga. The studies ended with an hour-long concert in front of the audience.

TS: The new album features classic pop songs, including “Hallelujah,” “Bésame Mucho,” or “I Will Always Love You.” What is the key to selecting songs?

JJ: We wanted songs that everyone knew and had beautiful lyrics. Arrangements were written by Nick Engman, and I was accompanied on the album by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices Choir. We recorded in London at Air Studios Lyndhurst and Abbey Road Studios, where you could meet the Beatles, Pink Floyd or U2. On the album I sing “crossover” – not very operatic or pop-like. I wanted the music to be soft and at the same time show the sound range well. It will be pleasing to the ear and many people can enjoy it. I must admit that the visual part is also important to me. The music video for Spente le Stelle, which can be viewed on YouTube, contains beautiful shots of Piotr Sobociński. I can reveal that it was filmed in the Polish eba, which not many people believe.

TS: Who came up with the title “My New Wings”?

JJ: The main creator was music producer Jan AP Kaczmarek. Together we found that it reflected well the new soundtrack you chose – between classic and entertainment. I loved this kind of singing. But I have other passions – I write lyrics. I wish there were songs with my words on the next album. I also love to play the piano, it relaxes me. Besides, I appreciate and enjoy everyday life.

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