Is it a game that your child can play for more than a quarter of an hour? Every kid will love these gifts for Children’s Day

Choosing the right gift for Children’s Day is a real challenge. A mascot, a toy car, a light toy, a book, or maybe a brick? We advise you what to pay attention to in order to positively surprise your child and influence the development of his skills. In addition, you are guaranteed great fun that will last for hours!

How to choose a gift for Children’s Day?

Before you buy anything, answer 5 simple questions that will help you decide what is worth giving your child and what is discarded immediately.

1. What is the age of the child?

It is very important. Toys should be modified to suit the child’s age. If the child is 18 months old, do not buy him a gift for a three-year-old. Unfortunately, a small child will not be able to use it, because his developmental possibilities will not allow him to do so yet. This, in turn, would be frustrating.

2. What does a child need?

If you are a parent, you know exactly what toys your child has. It is different with aunts and uncles. Ask your parents for advice, thanks to this you will avoid repeating gifts.

3. Can I customize the gift?

Toddler loves animals, or maybe he’s a fan of cars? Try to make the gift fit his desire.

4. What will I pack the game?

Did you know that colored paper often interests a child more than the gift itself? This is completely normal! Get your gift well wrapped. A colorful handbag or ribbon will definitely come in handy.

5. Will the gift affect development?

A unique gift is one that will interest the child for more than two minutes, visually like it and have a positive effect on its development. Choose smart gifts! what does that mean?

LEGO® DUPLO® Bricks for Children’s Day

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The LEGO brand understands that from an early age it is worth encouraging a child to explore the world and do new and innovative things. It is an unconventional and unstructured game that helps in acquiring new skills – manual, social, emotional and cognitive. If you want to develop your imagination, positively influence fine motor skills and curiosity about the world, then LEGO DUPLO bricks will be the perfect gift for Children’s Day. How do they stand out?

Attractive game

LEGO DUPLO is a series created especially for young children from the age of 1.5 years. The blocks are colorful, you can make an infinite number of constructions from them and come up with different versions of the fun that never gets boring. The sets also include many realistic details and mini figures to stimulate children’s imagination. That is why they play with them longer and of their own free will. Remember to act outside the box. Don’t tell your child how to build a tower or a train. Ask questions like: “What would you like to play?” “What’s the point of that?” or “Where are we going to put this brick?”. Praise for creativity, allow creativity to develop.

Age-appropriate dressings

…and small hands. The blocks are suitable for 18-month-olds. That is why it is larger and therefore safer. The blocks are sized to fit young children’s still clumsy hands. All elements of LEGO DUPLO sets are manufactured according to the highest European quality and safety standards.

delightful education

The LEGO brand understands that there is nothing better than learning while having fun. Building a train, heart, house or tower is a great time to develop manual and communicative skills, as well as learn the names of colors. Creating a small building requires many attempts from the smallest of them, which are not always successful. This is what it is all about. Your job is encouragement. Help your child deal with difficult emotions and teach him not to give up. This is a very important moment when your child connects two small blocks for the first time. After that, it will get better and his ideas will be more creative. Thanks to this, he will also learn how to deal with difficulties or failures as he grows up.

emotional smartness

Self-confidence, ability to participate, relationship and independence – this is what the child will learn while playing with LEGO DUPLO bricks. Enjoy together. Attached parenting is the best thing you can offer your child.

Which LEGO DUPLO set for Children’s Day?

Not sure which LEGO DUPLO is set to pick? Choose one of the following and have a lovely and fun time with your little one.

LEGO DUPLO Number Train – Learn to Count 10954

Puzzle Games

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It is the perfect gift for a young child that you will serve for years. Kids can arrange, connect, separate and sort 10 blocks with numbers 0-9, and the girl, boy and dog mini figures will provide endless hours of addictive educational fun. The train has movable wheels, allowing you to connect wagons, install blocks and create creative structures with them. The game teaches colors and numbers over time. Develops creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

LEGO DUPLO – Animal Train 10955

Puzzle Games

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Children love animals. This LEGO DUPLO set with elephant, tiger, giraffe and panda will provide every child with plenty of ideas for joyful and creative play. The possibility of building, rebuilding and arranging vehicles and animals, as well as stacking items on top of each other, will allow you to discover a world of endless imagination. In addition, manual skills will be developed.

LEGO Duplo – Box Heart 10909

Puzzle Games

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This is a beautiful and exciting set of blocks for the whole family. Parents and kids can mix and match to create a house, ice cream, whale, flower, helicopter, duck, and their own models, each providing an opportunity to talk and play stories. The set includes up to 80 bricks. Great fun, lots of creativity and craftsmanship development guaranteed!

LEGO DUPLO – Brick Box 10913

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It’s up to 65 colorful blocks and items that stimulate children’s imagination. These include a wheeled vehicle, roof, window, flowers, baguettes, LEGO DUPLO minifigures, and bricks with numbers 1 to 3. Everything is packaged in a sturdy, designer box that will look beautiful on the shelf. The set allows for creative and free play that develops creativity.

All LEGO DUPLO pieces work together to fit together, so it’s easy for little ones to pick up, place and separate pieces – and they’ve been since 1932. This year LEGO celebrates its 90th anniversary! Worship blocks have been loved by all generations! We are sure your child will appreciate them too! 🙂

And you, what LEGO DUPLO set would you choose for Children’s Day?

The material was created with the participation of the LEGO DUPLO brand.

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