Anna Poloni loved Konrad Swinarski, even though he was gay married

Anna Poloni is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Polish actresses of the last half century – a brilliant star of the Słowacki and Stary theaters in Krakow, where she gave dozens of unforgettable performances. In the 1960s, she was a favorite of Konrad Swinarski, casting her in both of his shows.

Only in the years 1965-1970 did she star in eight plays that he directed on stage at 5 Jagiellońska Street in Krakow – she was, among others, Orc in “Nie-divine Comedy”, Stella in “Fantazy”, Kasia in “The Taming of the Shrew” and Helena in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

– Without him, there would be no Anna Bologna. Emotionally disarmed, he recognized the actress many years after Swinarski’s death, recalling the work under his direct supervision.

Anna Poloni admits that Konrad Swinarsky charmed her not only as a director, but also as a man.

– I fell in love with him, but we did not have an affair – she revealed in an interview.

It was an open secret that Swinarski, despite her marriage, had a taste for men. All Krakow gossip about his bisexual nature. Anna Poloni knew there was no chance with him. Anyway … she did not intend to compete with Barbara Witek-Swinarska, with whom he became engaged while studying at the directing department of the PWST in Warsaw.

In fact, Swinarski liked his actresses, but there was no doubt about the strengthening of non-professional relations with them.

– He was nice and shy. Then it turned out to be…kind of shy. It was an old trick of his. With his shyness he seduced people. Everyone fell in love with her, but women in particular – Barbara Wittek Swinarska called him in “Gazeta Krakowska”.

Anna Poloni was one of those “seductive” women by Swinarski.

When Anna Poloni first met Konrad Swinarski at the Stary Theater in 1965, she was married to Marek Walchowski. Both starred in the “New Divine Comedy”, but – although Marek brilliantly performed the role of the Count – Anna received great reviews. The husband decided that the director “put it better” and that’s why she “stolen” his play.

– Since then, quarrels began between us – I later recalled in an interview with Twój Styl.

It was clear to visitors of the Stary Theater that Marek Walchowski is a representative of Jerzy Jarucki, and Anna Poloni is an actress of Konrad Swinarski.

We worked in two rival clans of theater giants. It was an exciting period in the theater, but the divisions spread to private life – Anna Poloni once said when answering a question about the reason for the breakdown of her marriage.

In fact… Marek Walczyvsky left her because he fell in love with Majorzata Nemerska. After the divorce, Anna Poloni did not get involved with any man.

Soon after her husband left her, she also lost Konrad Swinarski. On August 19, 1975, the director died in a plane crash on his way to Iran to participate in an art festival in Shiraz – the former capital of Persia, at the invitation of the Iranian Empress Farah Diba. I-62 crashed while approaching landing at Damascus airport.

It was the worst stage of my life. A year before Conrad died, I got a divorce from Marek, which affected me and my ambition. Conrad’s death shattered my mind. I got sick. I had a strong vegetarian neurosis. It lasted for several years – he remembered the actress whom Swinarski considered his muse.

Anna Poloni, when asked about her love and intimate life, claims that she was a complete failure.

– The whole couple went on a technical whistle. I am very strong, very predatory, very bossy, very nervous, very spontaneous, and very imposing my opinion. The partner can not afford it. I should have had a companion of a submissive man, and such men were not interested in me at all. I loved falling in love, but I also argued terribly with men – I admitted your “style”.

The boy told her she was dating before she married Walczewski. This boy was … Edward Lindy-Lobaszenko.

– Eddie was right. And what was meant to be, was, and will be enough. Only friendships with men were good for me – says the actress.

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