Amber Heard is fed up. Johnny Depp fans threaten to kill her

The defamation trial is about to end Johnny Depp He sued his ex-wife. The court battle between the two former lovers revealed many shocking details of their relationship, putting the two sides in a negative light. Although at first it looked like that Amber Heard He is evil, and the testimony of more and more witnesses burdens Depp more and more. According to the actress’s sister and friend as well as ex-partner Jack Sparrow and his doctor, the actor appears to have been prone to aggression, and controlling his anger made it difficult for him to become addicted to drugs. . Lately, Heard has been in worse shape again. The main reason Kate Moss In her testimony, she denied that Depp had thrown her down the stairs.

In her latest testimony, Heard spoke of the tragic outcome of the media trial, which she stressed had “turned her life upside down”. The actress admitted that she has been receiving famous messages from Depp’s fans that they wish her one-year-old daughter, Una Page, passed away. “Every day I am harassed, insulted and intimidated. People text me saying they want to put my baby in the microwave. They write that they are imagining my death. And Johnny once threatened me that if I left him, he would think about it every day. That threat is now real. Through all this humiliation, the slander campaign of which I fell victim, I relive this trauma every day,” Heard noted.

She added that it was worth paying attention to Depp’s misconduct in the courtroom. From the beginning of the trial, photos of the actor appeared in the media, clearly amused, and during the testimony of witnesses, he was drawing in his notebook. “I’m not sitting here laughing. I’m not laughing or joking. What’s going on here is horrible, humiliating and painful. I think it would be painful for everyone. Maybe for some it’s easy to forget that I’m human too. He has feelings. I want one thing: I want Johnny to leave me.” In the end it’s up to me. I hope after this operation I can get back the voice that was taken from me. Because I have the right to tell my story, “- said the star.

The actress also referred to Kate Moss’ highly commented testimony. The famous model was called as a witness after a recent statement by Heard. She confirmed that during one of the quarrels she threw herself into Depp in despair, because she was afraid for her sister’s life. “I found out that Johnny pushed his ex-girlfriend down the stairs. I think it had to do with Kate Moss. I heard it from two people. When I saw him swinging in my sister’s face, the story came to my mind,” she revealed. Moss denied these rumors in court. She revealed, “We were leaving the room, Johnny was the first to leave. There was a storm. I slipped down the stairs. He carried me into the room and provided medical attention.”

According to Heard, the testimony of a runway star should not affect the jury’s verdict. The actress confirmed that they did not prove that she was lying. “Everyone knows the rumor. Obviously, when Johnny tried to attack my sister, I immediately thought about it. What Kate Moss said doesn’t matter. Because her words don’t erase my experiences. They don’t change the fact that I have a right to be. For fear that Johnny would push my sister down the stairs and kills her,” Heard pointed out.

Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation over an article published in 2018 that described herself as a victim of domestic violence. The actor is claiming $50 million in damages. Heard launched a counterclaim, demanding $100 million. Sentencing is scheduled for the end of May.

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