ABBA – first concert after 40 years. View flight in London

ABBA members met their fans at the premiere of ABBA Voyage in London. These are the first of the planned unusual concerts, during which the members of the troupe will be replaced by avatars on the stage. Modern technology was used to create the show.

ABBA’s Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn reunited after 14 years for the inaugural ABBA Voyage Gala in London. The series of shows is a kind of the band’s return to the stage after 40 years, albeit in the form of avatars.

ABBA on the red carpetPAP / EPA / TOLGA AKMEN

ABBA and exhibition of 2016

Frida, according to the BBC, watched the show with a big smile on her face as Penny applauded for the song “Dancing Queen”. “ABBA has never left us, he is in my heart,” singer Agnetha Waltzkog told the BBC on the red carpet. It wasn’t a difficult decision [o ponownym zjednoczeniu zespołu – red.]She added that music is part of us. “Frida” Annie Fred Lingstad stated that she had “dreamed about it for years”.

Several music stars appeared at the show’s premiere, including Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Jarvis Cocker. Among those in attendance were Swedish King Charles XVI Gustaf and his wife Sylvia.

The show was prepared from 2016. It uses a great technique that recreates the image of the band members from the times when they were the most famous, i.e. the seventies. And during the concert, you can hear the group’s greatest hits, such as “SOS,” “Voulez-Vous,” or “Put all your love on me.””.

ABBA Voyage. Behind the scenes preparations

To create the show, the team spent five weeks wearing special motion capture suits, and 160 cameras scanned their body movements and facial expressions. They have become standards of reference for hundreds of animators and artists from visual effects to creating the band’s avatars since their heyday.

The characters are affectionately called “ABBA-tarses”, and they are not 3D holograms, which is confirmed by all those involved in the production. “I don’t think any 3D shows are going to be a success,” producer, director, and writer Billy Walsh told Dazed last year. “Five minutes later, I don’t think it’s that interesting,” he added.

Instead, characters appear on a huge screen with lights and special effects that blur the lines between digital elements and the “real world” of the concert hall. The producers made it clear that they wanted viewers not to have the impression that they had seen the performance, but rather to experience real feelings.

The audience around the concert: Extraterrestrial

After the show’s premiere, the audience made up of celebrities and members of the fan club was thrilled, the BBC writes. – I cried four times. “I didn’t know I would feel this way,” singer Zara Larsson told the BBC.

ABBA fans in front of the London ArenaPAP / EPA / TOLGA AKMEN

“It was an extraterrestrial superhero show,” choreographer Les Child admitted. “They did a great job,” he added.

– I felt like I had just spent an evening with ABBA – said Hanna Rossmann, who came to the party from Berlin. “And the highlight was that they finally made it to the stage,” she said.

Then the band members received a standing ovation.

atypical return

The show, which takes place in a purpose-built arena in East London, will run until December 2022. Later the theater could be moved to another part of the world if interest in the show is high.

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He’s perfect for a band that vowed never to tour again after their breakup in 1982. He even turned down a billion-dollar offer to do 100 concerts at the turn of the millennium. New technology lured them back into the concert arena.

Standing on stage and performing for an hour or two while you’re at home, walking the dog or making carbonara? So it all started. “It piqued our interest,” Benny Anderson told the BBC last year. “And a vision to create something amazing that no one has ever seen before,” added Bjorn Ulvius. According to the band, after their show, there will be other artists who would like to do something similar “while they’re still alive.”

Main image source: PAP / EPA / TOLGA AKMEN

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