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This is a play about passions, jealousy, passion, everyday life, how everything becomes small, how everything becomes from nothing, about the ordinary grows extraordinary – says Edward Wojciech, director of “Adventures in Chiodoni” by Karl Goldoni. Premiere on the Polish stage – May 26.

“Goldoni is one of the masters of dramatic literature who should be shown at least once in my life. I am presenting his play for the second time, because in 1994 I directed + The Servant of Two Masters + at the Polish Theater in Szczecin” – reminded Wjczyk.

“Whereby + Servant of the Two Lords + was a script still rooted in the comics dell’arte, while + The Argument in Chioggi + is the last text Goldoni wrote before he left Venice. It’s already a far cry from the comics dell’arte” , although the construction characters and characters have their roots somewhere,” the director explained.

He admitted that he “wanted to make a kind of buckle from + servant of two masters + to + brawl in Chioggia +”. “I have always dreamed of creating Awantura+. I submitted this proposal to the Polish theater management a few years ago, and when art director Janusz Majsekerek called me in the fall of 2021 with a proposal to implement – I immediately agreed,” Wjczyk said.

“In our performance, the actors perform without masks. The mask belongs to dell’arte. You can show it in masks, but it would be a pity for art” – he said. “This comedy was created in 1762, after several years of dramatic work, working at the Goldoni Theater, who wanted to reform the decadent version of the Comedy dell’arte” – he explained.

“A little teaser, I told the actors that + The Chioggi Fight + is a play about nothing. It is here that really small things generate great feelings and sensations” – he said. “It can be said that this is a play about feelings, jealousy, passion, everyday life, how it becomes small, how everything becomes from nothing, and out of the ordinary grows in an extraordinary way,” he said.

“If we were to say what really happened there, we wouldn’t have learned much. Women gossip, envy, slander. Men, that is, fishermen, are expected because they have been at sea for several months. And when these two elements meet – there must be some kind of explosion – explained the director.

Wojtaszek admitted that the peacemaker, Coadjutor Isidoro, in his performance “has a rather specific role”. He assessed, “He is successful, but he benefits greatly from it.” He explained that Goldoni’s script says, “This office brings so many benefits and we have looked for such benefits for Isidore and the actors during rehearsals.”

“He loves women very much, loves money, loves fun, etc. Our Isidoro uses it,” said the director.

When asked about the reason for choosing Leszek Bezdel to work as court janitor, Wojczyk said: “My cooperation with him lasts 28 years.” “It started with + the servant of two gentlemen + Goldoni in Szczecin, but towards the end of the ’90s Leszek Bzdyl appeared in my performance. It was the performance + On the edge of life + Gao Xingjian in the city theater in Gdynia” – he explained. He added: “For the first time, he will play with me the role of a script and it will be his first appearance on the big stage at the Polish Theater in Warsaw.”

“Where did this idea come from? Indeed, when I called Leszek Bzdyl and asked him to develop a theatrical movement in + Avantura + – he said to me: + Listen, but I will play +. I replied: + Well, you will play + ”- he reported. “With his skills, the way he builds characters, the way he moves – we’ve come up with such a character who looks a bit silly, and weird, from outside this hunting community” – added the director.

“On the stage we have the colorful facades of low houses and apartment houses in Chioggia for fishing, which are characterized by time and poverty. Drying clothes on threads. This is the case in this city even today” – he said. He explained that Chioggia is “one of his favorite places on Earth”. “I get back there as fast as I can. Whenever I pass through Italy – I enter this city” – he said. “Chiodja – unlike Venice, which is royal, rich and very touristy – is an ordinary place. Indeed there are channels that cause lichen and fungi to enter the walls of the buildings. Houses are seen in the water” – he added, “he wanted to evoke the character of this place in the landscape.”

When asked about the colorful costumes, though they are found in sacred places, and the rough costumes, Wojciech said, “They are the people of a poor fishing town.” He explained that “the hunters and women waiting for them are not rich. Their costumes are based on authentic Italian costumes from the second half of the seventeenth century.” “However, the Coadjutor costume looks different – it’s beautiful and rich,” added Edward Wojciech.

Of the more than two hundred comedies written by Goldoni, “The Argument in Chioggi” is “the most complete work, with elaborate action, expressive characters and multi-dimensional comedy” – it was mentioned on the theater’s website, confirming that the author left the convention from the Dell’arte Theater On something of moral truth and comedy characters.

“This is a story about a tight-knit community from a small coastal town, a story in which we can see ourselves as people — see our flaws, but also our many advantages” — we read in the ad.

It was emphasized that “+The Chioggi Brawl+ is a show – in spite of times – in which vitality, spontaneity, sincere laughter and above all good, which is more than evil in a person, will lead us + to the bright side of the street +”.

Translation by Jerzy Jędrzejewicz. Directed by – Edward Wojczyk. The collection and costumes were designed by Weronika Karwowska. Music – Tomasz Bajersky. Lighting direction – Karolina Gopska. Leszek Bezdel is responsible for the movement of the theater. Jagoda Chalcińska is responsible for the performances. Recordings – Bartomiej Piasecki, Studio Art Café.

Starring: Tomasz Pasiak (Antonio), Katarzyna Scaranca (Pascua), Dorota Pazdella (Lucita), Bowie Crosses (Tita Nani), Przemyslav Wizinski (Pepe), Sisimón Quimider (Fortunato), Libra: Katarzak (Fortunato) Orsetta), guest appearances : Bernadetta Statkiewicz (Chica), Vicenzo: Adam Pedrzeczy (Vicenzo), Christian Modzilowski (Tovolo), Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (Quadjutur), as guest attended by Leszek Pzordel (Wufenas Court).

Premiere – May 26 at 19 at the Grand Theater of the Polish Theater Arnold Szifmann. Post Shows – May 27-29 (PAP)

Author: Grzegorz Janikowski

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