“The Voice Senior”: Alija Maguska will return to the program? Who is the coach?

“The Voice Senior” It is a program broadcast on TVP since December 2019. People over 60 years of age participate in it. Its goal is to revitalize the elderly, but also to find the best singing native in Poland.

So far, the show has won: Elżbieta Szymańska and Jolanta Szydłowska-Cichoń and Krystyna Szydłowska (under the direction of Urszula Dudziak), Barbara Przyتشيska (Under the watchful eye of Andrei Piaseczny) and Krzysztof Prusik (Under the direction of Witold Paszta).

In the third season of the program, participants evaluated Alicia Maguska, Marella Rudovic, and Wittold Bazset And Peter Kogovsky. Like every season, the show awaits changes. According to Pudelek, the biggest star – Maryla Rodowicz – will definitely return to the program.

The singer can really count on the star rate in one episode – we’re talking about 15,000 zlotys! “No other juror can count on such a salary. Everyone in TVP understands that Maryla is a wonderful star and is interested in her participation in the station’s programs. After all, Rodowicz is an icon” – the portal informant said.

We asked Alicja Majewska how she feels as a juror on “The Voice Senior” and if she plans to return to the show. While there were rumors that Alicia Węgorzewska He will replace her on the jury chair, it seems that the legendary singer has completely different plans. He declares that he will judge the performance of the elderly again.

“I will show [w programie]. I had doubts before participating in the event, because in these talent shows, many jurors bother me. When I went to the producers for an interview, I asked if it was my duty to be cheerful and happy all the time and they said no,” says Alicia Magusca in an interview with Interia.

Why did you decide to become a juror on “The Voice Senior” anyway? The star believes that there may be real talent hidden for years on the show.

“I encountered some resistance, and the first jury was: Ola Dudziak, Marek Bikarczyk and Andrei Piaseczny. And when I felt OK in this group, the lineup changed. I hear very good opinions about the program and I also judge like that. Because it differs from all the shows Those talents, because they are brought by people with many years of experience, some interesting CVs, and different feelings about the state of youth. There is also something in this program that is important for this group of people over the age of 60. And what talents are there!” – The hitter says “We will discover unknown love”.

What else did Alicja Majewska say about working on the show’s set? You will find out through the video below!

The sudden death of Witold Paszt in February of this year was a very sad event. group singer Fox He had a good spirit on ‘The Voice Senior’.

Alicja Majewska told us that the singer did not complain about his condition, although everyone knew about his illness. He also believes that for the memory of the musician it is good that he found his place as a juror – thanks to this, Poland got to know him from a slightly different side – open, emotional and friendly.

“We saw that Witek was struggling. He didn’t talk about it, but we did. He was very brave to the end. He’s also an awareness of the need to rise to the occasion… He was a very positive person when it came to the coach’s role. He was genuinely sympathetic, kind and friendly. – remembers the singer.

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