The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. A shocking film with incredible cruelty towards refugees

The shocking video was shared on one of the social networks by Marius, better known on the Internet as “Man of the Forest”, since the beginning of the migration (humanitarian) crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, in which he participated to help refugees, who are being returned to Belarus by the Polish border guards.

“You will need help. Record this blood.”

In an interview with “Wyborcza”, Mr. Mariusz admitted that this record of just over five minutes of cruelty from the Belarusian uniformed services was recently found on the Internet. More. There are women and children in the group in the video. Refugees are brutally dragged on the ground and fall on the barbed wire, apparently the event was recorded by Polish border guards.

You can hear their comments: – Record, record! They intertwined in concertina. There will be many wounded. You will need medical attention. Record this blood. Well salute to a soldier?! Show me the killings! Sołdaty, help them.

After a few minutes, the Belarusian uniform leaves the forest. You can hear one of the Polish guards talking on the phone: – Listen, the Belarusians have fled. that they [uchodźcy – red.] on our side.

Mr. Marius says: – This entry should be made widely available to show that Belarus, which has paid Polish services for refugees, is not a safe country, some say. There is a danger to the health and life of the refugees.

He wrote in a video comment on Facebook: “When the government tries to find a way to get money from the KPO, I see human drama on the border with Belarus and we look at it. The world sees and is silent! It gives permission. I wonder how many of them died today. And we, the Poles, do not Something, we just separate ourselves by a wall.Can’t be silent anymore, all this fence is a “life trap”. [uchodźców z polsko – białoruskiej granicy – red.] Accept equal?! Why?!”.

Cubans flee through the Podlasie jungles

A resident of the Białowiea Forest – Camille Cieler, who was also involved in helping refugees at the Polish-Belarus border, wrote in a comment on the video: “Failed to push people through the Belarusian services. Beating, kicking and throwing on Polish barbed wire, which even animals that have more thickness than Human skin, additionally covered with fur, wounds and bleeding to death. Pain, fear, screaming. We later found such people in our forests. Perhaps the people in this film are Cubans. We have more and more of them. They are fleeing from a country that is not even in crisis but suffers From hunger. The epidemic reduced tourism revenues. Then Russia invaded Ukraine. The closure of the airspace over Europe and Canada to Russian planes led to the cancellation of flights between Moscow and Havana and the cancellation of Russian tourists’ travel to Cuba. In recent years, Cuba earned most of its profits from the Russians. In addition, there has been a collapse in the production of sugar cane.Due to the lack of industrial fertilizers, the yield has been the lowest since 1908.Cuba cannot survive without tourism and sugar.Cubans mainly flee to Nicaragua and the United States command Lycia, but also to Europe – through the Podlasie forests.

If someone told me a few years ago that Cubans would hide in the jungles of Podlasie, whose communist homeland is fueling the epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, then I think that person should really postpone the disastrous films … “.

On Thursday morning (May 26), a spokeswoman for the General Command of the Border Guard asked us again. Anna Michalska to answer the questions: who are the aliens from the video and what happened to them. We are waiting for the answer.

In recent days – according to the announcements of the border guards – fewer and fewer foreigners are trying to cross the green Polish-Belarus border, compared to previous months. On Thursday, the border guards announced: “On May 25, 20 people tried to enter Poland illegally from Belarus – including. Citizens of Yemen, Egypt and Iraq.” 90 kilometers, or nearly half, of the steel barrages that will be built on these Frontier by the end of June has already been built (after that it will be equipped with motion sensors, cameras, etc. for about three months).

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