Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2022 – More artists join the lineup

Surprisingly, with the diversity of voices, artists from Argentina, Austria, Iran, Israel, Japan, Germany and Great Britain are joining the 17th edition of the festival. Thus, the program Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2022 grows to 32 artists. As every year, the Silesian Festival uses global inspiration to put them in a local context. From melody club electronics to avant-garde singing and digital interpretations of traditional Persian music – all festival-goers will find something for themselves in Katowice between July 21 and 24. check it out!

Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2022 – A bunch of news and famous faces

Among the artists just announced, the Austrian duo will provide the most pop vocals HVOB. They are the favorite of the Polish audience, who gives live performances in Torun Three years ago and the sixth edition Electroclub It still arouses feelings. Ann Muller And Paul Wallner It is no coincidence that they are called one of the best living acts in the world. In July in Katowice, we will listen to the group’s greatest songs and material from the new album very.

HVOB – a bruise

Also an Israeli couple red hubs She is a real favorite of the Polish audience. The peculiarities of the hypnotic ensembles, combining acid house, techno and ethnicity, enchant dancers with amazing twists and oriental richness of decorations. red hubs The seventeenth version cannot be missing from the program Toron Noa Music.


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red axes | Boiler room x festival perfect present

It will present a more dance-like face of contemporary electronics Eagles and butterflies. British talent has resulted in versions in such prestigious labels as nervesAnd life death And Reporter. As he himself says: “He created pop music for the dance floor,” and his greatest achievement is a piece inspired by the ’80s. can’t stop.

Eagles & Butterflies @ Parc Montsouris in Paris, France for Cercle

In addition to the masters of dance music, the festival program will provide a very strong representation of experimental and pioneering voices. Saddam shows old and new in his work voicebased on advanced technology and traditional Persian music at the same time. voice It is sometimes referred to as “the driving force of the Iranian landscape”. His recordings have been published by well-known companies such as DistortionsAnd the artist feels as comfortable in clubs as in art galleries. In cooperation with Tariq Bari Creates audiovisual worlds full of symbolic meanings. performance voice High sensations are guaranteed to you and will be one of the most interesting events during the next edition of the festival

Sote Boiler Room London DJ

Similar impressions will be provided by a twelve-member animated concert shrapnel. He appreciated the skills of the British choir himself Nils Fram. Members of the group present the possibilities of the human voice in a completely unconventional way.

fragments – turbulence

Audio experiments will also be presented by the Japanese artist Hatice Nuit Which sparkles with a style inspired by the music and folklore of the Land of the Rising Sun. Hatice Nuit Collaborated with artists like Matmos, The Bug, NYX Electronic Drone Choir, Masayoshi Fujita, Lubomyr Melnykand her fans is also a famous director David Lynch.

Hatice Nuit – Angelos Novus

In turn, the German duo ÄTN Combines sensual vocals with piano and analog compositions, with an emphasis on alternative pop. As the press wrote about them, they are “nothing Ray fever Meeting Grimes in London Royal Opera House“.

ÄTNA – come to me

He would suggest the most radical wording in this statement katnab. The Argentine rapper and producer lives in Berlin and the duo discovered him there mode selectorWho release their records on their label Monkeytown Chronicles. katnab Combines sophisticated millennial aesthetics with open lyrical poetry. Although Katnapp herself describes her music as pop, her songs contain a wild mix of heavy bass, futuristic R&B and rhythm with modern rap influences. In Katowice, let’s expect the unexpected.

Katnapp – no cover

Remember that this is not the end of the next release software reveal Torun Noa Musica Katowice! Until the festival to be held between July 21 and 24 In Katowice is approaching – what will surprise us with the organizers from music agency?

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Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2021 movie

More information about this year’s edition Torun Noa Musica Katowice on the festival website.

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