Sarah James, John James, Concert for the Polsat Foundation. Where to watch, broadcast

Justina Steczkowska Will perform with his son leon to accompany stasAnd Michel Wiśniewski He will sing with two daughters: Etiennet And VivianAnd Artur Jadowski with daughter SusannaAnd Robert Gawliński with two sons (Benjamin And Emmanuel accompany him in the group Wolves) And danzel (Listen!) with students.

They will also appear together in Skierniewice Grzegorz and Patrycja Markowski. Several artists will invite their loved ones to sing together: Sarah James – Baba, Stanislav Suica – the brothers.

The concert repertoire will include songs from the stars’ repertoire, such as “Pump it up” (Danzel), “Barcelona” (chest), “Dandelions kites wind” (Ursula), as well as the famous evergreen film music: “Moon River”, “Maga the Bee” (Listen!) or “Happy New York”.

The Polsat Foundation will host the Polsat Foundation’s Gala Krzysztof Ibisz, Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna And Robert JanowskiProgram winner “Your face looks familiar.” Thanks to them, we will also hear short stories from the childhood of musicians, learn about how important the role their relatives played in their lives and careers.

The audience met Sarah James, who was 12 years old, on the show’s fourth edition “The Voice Kids”.

During blind auditions, she sang a song “Anyone” by Demi Lovato (Listen!). “I thought your name was Whitney. You sing with feelings. You absolutely hit us right in the heart. I’m totally hypnotized” – she admitted touched and amazed cleoSarah was soon nicknamed “Polish Whitney”. “If anyone asks me who The Voice Kids is for, I’ll tell you right away – for such a Sarah!” – added David Kwiatkowskithat tried to hide tears of emotion after her performance.

Sarah finally got under the wing Thompson and Baron from the group afromental He was also peerless in the following stages. Singing was promoted to a great performance “Hero” Mariah Carey. However, I made it to the finals thanks to the song’s interpretation “my city” from the movie “The Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of an Epic Fire”.

At the conclusion of “The Voice Kids” Sarah performed the piece in an amazing way at the end Whitney Houston “The Greatest Love of All” (Check!) and put the coaches in their seats. “A great talent deserves to be here” – summed up Kwiatkowski. “From the beginning, I told you your voice was like Whitney’s. I get goosebumps when you sing. You sound like her in some places!” Cleo praised.

It sang like the second song “Time teaches us the weather” by Grażyna Łobaszewska In the end, her success was determined.

In September 2021, the teenager won the finals of the program “A Chance to Succeed. Eurovision Junior 2021”. Thanks to this victory, Sarah was able to appear on stage in Paris, representing our country in number “Somebody” (Check!). In the end, in France, she finished second, and was only 7 points away from winning! The winner was the representative of Armenia, Malina (Check!).

The almost 14-year-old singer comes from Ośno Lubuskie. her parents Arleta Dancewicz (Graduate of Theology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) with Nigerian roots John Jamesa well-known singer, among others from the programs “Battle for the votes” (He was performing on the team the husbandwho later also recorded) and “x factor” (He finished his studies in Poland).

Currently, John James is in a duo Louie and John (Listen!), which scored, among other things their versions of the big hit Stinga “Englishman in New York” (research!) And Film “crazy” for seals. This first video contains more than 670,000. opinions.

Currently, the teenager studies at primary school in Ośnie, and also attends first-class music school in Słubice. He’s honing his vocal talent at the SMOK Cultural Center in Sopets Edita Krugel.

When she was six years old, she participated in Festival of Christmas Carols, Shepherds and Christmas Carols In Szczecinek, which she won. In the following years, she successfully performed in such competitions as the World Talent Show (3rd place), Pro Arte – Lubuski Song Festival (silver microphone and 3rd place), the Win Success national competition.

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