Poznan advises how to take pictures during renovations and without excavators

In Pozna, renovations are taking place on the Old Market Square, in Plac Wolnoci and in Św. Marcin. As a result, tourists complain that the most interesting attractions are obscured, and that their photos – instead of architectural gems of the capital of Greater Poland – show construction work. “There are renovations in our city, but this does not mean that you cannot bring back beautiful memories” – Jacek Jaikoviak, Mayor of Pozna, wrote, posting a video with instructions on how to take pictures so that the renovations could not be seen.

Tourists will discover from the short “Guide to Pozna Regeneration” that the center of the capital, Wielkopolska, is today the place of many renovations. Works are underway, among other things, on the Old Market Square – where the town hall with goats and masonry houses is located, near Plac Wolnoci, but also in a part of ul. Saint Martin, where the former imperial fortress is located, is the seat of the Zamek Cultural Center.

The clip of a few dozen seconds is a guide to framing and composing the pictures in such a way that the pictures from Pozna are as interesting as possible and you don’t see everywhere – in these major tourist places – construction machinery, excavations or fences.

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“We always invite you to Poznan”

The film was shared on his social media by, among others, the mayor of Pozna, Jacek Jaukoviak. “There are renovations in our city, but this does not mean that you cannot bring back beautiful memories. We advise you how to do it and always invite you to Poznan!” – he wrote.

Instead, tourists praise the trailer, sometimes complaining that their shoes are suitable for a thorough cleaning after walking the old market square and renovated streets.

Poznan: Bellori has been dismantled from the old market square31.03.TVN 24

Poznan residents are much more critical. There are also comments under the film that the authorities of the capital of Greater Poland are mocking the problems of downtown residents, that there are still more and more places dug, and that repairs are going on forever – to the inconvenience of local drivers and businessmen.

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Plot: There are a lot of trips

The head of the Pozna Local Tourism Organization (PLOT), Jan Mazurczak, admitted that the film has fairly positive reviews among tourists and that tourists do not complain about working in the city.

It appears that such a number of renovations at these major tourist sites will reduce the number of people visiting the city. However, we have very good results: there are a lot of flights, hotels in the city are fuller than they were before the pandemic, and we hear no complaints at tourist information points that these renovations are making sightseeing difficult, Mazurczak said.

In his opinion, Pozna residents should also look at the film with a grain of salt. The reviews I got for this film are positive: the look is funny, and that Poznan somehow tries to tame these innovations. We notice pictures of tourists visiting Poznan on social media, and we see that in the Old Market Square they take pictures of themselves with excavators and without excavators – he said.

Pozna: Schwete Marcin Street is under construction

Pozna: Schwete Marcin Street is under constructionPoznan City Investments

The chief of PLOT noted that construction equipment standing or working in the Old Market Square is a brick-and-mortar attraction for at least some of those involved in the many school trips this season.

– The renovation of the Old Market Square can be an opportunity to find rest in other attractive places of the city – for example in the recently renovated Kolejiaki Square. We see a huge increase in interest in Ostro Tomski and the surrounding area – Poles are finally discovering the connection between Pozna and the beginnings of the Polish state, and will also learn about the gastronomic offer in nearby Śródka – he said.

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Deputy Mayor of Pozna: In a year or two there will be no renovations in Pozna, because there will be no money

Asked about the guide for amateur photographers and negative comments from some Pozna residents, the deputy mayor of Pozna, Jędrzej Solarski, indicated that the agony of the dissatisfied would soon be over. – I declare that in a year or two there will be no reforms in Poznan, because there will be no money for investments.

As he pointed out, any renovation, whether at home or in the city, is associated with inconvenience.

– On the one hand, we hear criticism that other cities invest more than we do when we do – that’s also bad. The Old Market Square had to be renovated, otherwise serious failures and problems would soon await us. Today it is really difficult to drive through the center, but these renovations will come to an end, it will be beautiful and it will be possible to shoot there without any clues – added Vice President Solarsky.

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Main image source: TVN24 and Jacek Jaśkowiak

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