On Mother’s Day, we remind you – not all of us want and can be a mother

Mother’s Day is about glories, school performances, and wishes over the phone. This is also the moment when it is worth asking ourselves what we want. Do we want to be mothers? This question must be answered by each of us, and this decision should be of no interest to anyone.

The scheme is basically The same thing is often repeated when you come to a family gathering. It doesn’t matter if they saw you a year ago, six months, or ten years ago. The question remains: And when will the child be?

If you are a woman, you define yourself as a woman then You know you were only made for one thing: to have children. For many, there is no other choice, and perhaps this is evident from this intrusive and hopeless question. today On Mother’s Day, we would like to kindly remind you that this is not true.

Mother’s Day, i.e. we don’t all have to want to be mothers

Let’s note it first No one will criticize this holiday. mother’s Day It’s clearly an important holiday on our calendar, especially for those of us who we consider important. However, there are already a lot of options, I think It is worth realizing on this day that not all of our paths have to lead to fatherhood.


There may be many reasons. You can, for example, like Weronika TruszczyńskaI just don’t want these kids. Some people have been pretty sure of this for a long time. They don’t want to have a baby because they know there are some limitations. A limitation that makes it necessary to abandon this present life that they love.

I admit that I feel happy and satisfied with my place in life. I do a lot of great things, I find my travels and my professional achievements and I don’t want to give them up in order to have more space for my ‘potential baby’.

I don’t want kids because I don’t like them

You can also – I know it can be shocking to some people – not to love children. No, not all women have a “maternal instinct” and only dream of holding any child in their arms. Some of us don’t like kids, that’s all.


No one is surprised that some men do not take care of their children, and do not dream of spending every second of their lives with them. Why are we suddenly indignant when a woman utters such words? Just because patriarchy has been telling us for years that we should.

I don’t want children because we have a climate crisis

people who realize climate crisis And they follow it regularly, they say it often Nowadays they don’t want to have a baby. why? Simply because the future and lives of these children will be uncertain.

It’s not that they don’t want them at all. They just know that Having a baby is not environmental And they do not intend to expose her, for example, to participation in water battles in the future. No, this is not some “invention” left. Recent research also shows such trends among youth.

I don’t want children because I know it’s a perfect country

Some, like Abby Ramsey, who will never become a mother again thanks to the procedure, just know it Being a father is a social construct that they don’t want to participate in. Being a mom isn’t just for them and they have different plans for their lives.


Abby knows that too Not all of them are really happy to be parents. Some of us decide to do it because “that’s how it should be”. So it might be better sometimes Would you not become such a mother and not make yourself and your potential child unhappy?

I think a lot of people ignore the fact that sometimes people regret becoming parents. It is not uncommon, although it is a taboo subject. I honestly think we should talk more about the sadness of being a parent, rather than pretending that parenting is perfect and magical.

I don’t want to have children, because I can give birth to fear in Poland

Of course, this aspect cannot be ignored, that is miscarriage. Some of us don’t really want that They become mothers because they are afraid of himThat if something goes wrong You will not be able to undo it.


Really few women willing Death pushed this desire to have a childAnd I would like to remind you that, unfortunately, such cases have already occurred. The women of the world simply have to be able to make a decision about their bodies and that “being a mother” is part of that.

Mother’s Day is a nightmare for some

I won’t mention this here All the women who can’t have children And all these “charitable” questions: “And when is the child?” It causes them a lot of pain. Perhaps, before we ask such a question, we should really think about why we care about the other woman’s uterus?


yes, Mother’s Day is an important and beautiful day for many of us. Yes, you don’t have to take care of it at all. On top of that, you don’t have to be a future mom at all, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. As you can see, there can be many reasons for such a decision and As long as they are in harmony with you, no one cares.

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