Muno Telegram: G_ssus: “Crackhouse is a group of friends”

We talk to Piotr Kleina (G_ssus), one of the heads of Crackhouse in Gdańsk, a fan of the increasingly dynamically developing type of electronics called rominimal Techno. We ask what exactly is Romanian techno, how it differs from typical minimalism, how events with this type of music are perceived in Poland and what the last months look like at the club he runs.

G_ssus. Better than the original

A global phenomenon invading the global dance floor. Heir to “boring” (as our interlocutor calls it) a little techno, rich in gentle sounds, sometimes driven by a wonderful sound. Who would have thought that he would be born on the Black Sea, far from the closest trends of Europeans associated with the promotion of popular types of electronics. Romanian techno impressed himself Ricardo Villalobossaand gaining more and more interest in Poland as well.

Responsible for this situation is, among other things G_ssusInvited co-coordinator of organized events in Poland Glue. It started in Gdansk Karakozy The promotional romance series meets the trendy, fast and saturated underground. It provides minimal emotion, educating people in the field of music that seems strange to many. Is this the case? Well, let’s find out.

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G_ssus. Romanian voice

Damien Badzig: What is Roman technique or Romanticism?

G_ssus: Rominimal is music different from deep/micro/lower music, etc., coming from Romania, but with a unique sound initiated and promoted by local production companies, producers and promoters. It is a very broad type. We can find everything here, from beach vibes, through shamanic beats, beats, and mods of famous songs, to darker climates that closely resemble the artistic genre, which I call techno-roman or dark – but these are informal names (laughs).

How, then, is it different (if any) from the typical minimum, which is often consciously taken as the latter?

G_ssus: Currently, the term minimal tech is a very pejorative term. Most of them, unfortunately, are related to a typical Berlin minimum, such as plasticWhich is the equivalent of boredom. Roman sound is full of groove, intricate sound design and precision at the same time. The sub-bass is very important here, so this music has a chance to resonate only on a good sound system.

While searching for information about rominimal, I came across one interesting sentence – “Romanian music does not find you, you have to find it.” How was your experience when you were first introduced to this specific type of electronics?

G_ssus: That’s actually true. When I first found romance, I had no idea what genre it was. It was at the beginning of my electronic music adventure and I thought it was some kind of weird tech house. This sentence can also apply to the culture of not releasing and not giving a playlist for podcasts, etc. Some of the songs at the biggest festivals are played by the best DJs, and you’ll probably never be able to buy them.

Earth’s 3rd Birthday – Podcast G_ssus

G_ssus. open heads

What has been the evolution of the Romanian technological landscape in a global perspective since its inception? We are talking about a genre that has a niche in many countries, or is it focused on a small number of countries?

G_ssus: I am not a specialist in the history of the genre, but in recent years, romance has begun to become a phenomenon on a global scale. DJs from Romania are touring in the USA and South America. There is a very strong production scene, except for the Romanian one, of course, in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Tunisia, Israel or, for example, Argentina, Peru and other countries in this region.

Since we’re talking about Romanian techno, we can’t forget the Glue Chain, which has been adorning the sets of Crackhouse since the beginning (also recently as a guest at Jasna in Warsaw). Music in Poland is unknown but it has great potential. How did Tri-City realize the events?

G_ssus: We have three events at Crack since January, one recently at Jasna and one some time ago at Shelter. On June 11, we entered Wroclaw to seize the courtyard in Ciele. The reception was very good. The voice we promote through glue is a really powerful underground and I think people who come to our events for the first time really don’t expect what they’re going to hear. If you provide people with good content, despite the fact that it is not yet known, it will certainly be appreciated. I think in the age of groove Techno, the darowo-rhomial atmosphere has every right to hack. All it takes is the open minds of the promoters.

Krakhaus, G_ssus
Krakow’s photo / Facebook

G_ssus. deep water

The ‘crakka’ is the first unfinished season for the club behind you. How would you sum up the past months? he sat? Any conclusions, thoughts?

G_ssus: Hey sat. They were definitely very dynamic and our entire team did a lot of work. We have some things to improve all the time, but we are also constantly trying to find new ideas that can be improved or brought with us. Because if you stop growing, you start to fall back.

Let’s mention those who do not know that you were founded in another club place, which was associated with a complete renovation of the space. How did it happen that you ended up at the shipyard and how was the process of setting up the club? I mainly drink the idea of ​​internalization, subsequent management, or division of tasks.

G_ssus: In a very strong acronym – it all started with the fact that the local team made a skate park in an old parking garage in Sopot. Around the same time, I had already made some short videos of skateboarding and wanted to promote this project even more. once upon a time AmorCurrently ICI COLO). Quite at random, I arrived at Crackpark where there was a party for the same friends. Then he flew down the hill. Agreed with Simonrude boy) and with Radik (P. Drone) And the above We started having real parties there. The place was very dense, we filled the place to the last, and the problems with the police, city office, etc. finally started.

We had to look for a new place. After a year and a half, we were able to find the building where we work today. All in all, we took a huge risk and plunged into the deep end, not knowing how to run a place or having a lot of knowledge in the DJ world. The number of topics to cover when running such a place is really intense, so everyone paid attention to what they already had some experience with or felt good about. For example, because of my studies, I had the pleasure of designing the functional scheme for the yard and the club, and now I create the drawings, together with Szymon, the technical part.

Krakhaus, G_ssus
picture of a collapsed house

G_ssus. as at home

You had collaborations with projects such as 999, SPLOT, The Cat Club and now BCCO. Not bad for a club that isn’t a year old yet. Artists praise you and are happy to return to you. Do you not feel that you are currently one of the most desirable places on the Polish scene? If so, then what success comes? (I know you do!)

G_ssus: I think it has to do with our climate. We are one big team of friends and buddies who, combined with a peak in skateboarding and partying, have finally opened their own place. Sometimes when I think about it, it’s still just a slight abstraction to me, but it seriously happens. When people come to us, they also see it and feel at home. It’s not a crack house, it’s a predator’s house

It started the second time around with the Summer 2022 release, that is, two scenes, new collaborations, and more good music. However, you had to adapt to the new realities. How will this holiday season be different from last year’s?

G_ssus: The biggest change is the second scene you mentioned. The design of the courtyard had to be changed a bit compared to last year so that the sound was not heard in the direction of the apartment buildings. I think it did the job, not only functionally but also visually. At the moment we have to turn off the music in the courtyard around 5:00/06:00, but if it continues like this and we don’t disturb the silence, it is possible that the next parties outside will be back by 10:00. As for the plans Others, we want to try them during the holidays day partiesSo we can probably work 4 days a week – from Thursday to Sunday.

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