Mother’s Day 2022: Seven things that will make every mother’s life easier

Of course, it’s not about giving up responsibilities completely and occupying the couch for three days. However, it is critical for every parent to realize that temporary surrender of some things is not the end of the world.

Child care, professional work, looking after the house – it often happens that one person takes on all these duties. What’s worse, we usually think that any tasks related to them should be completed ASAP, preferably yesterday. Any deviation from this plan leads to painful feelings of guilt and painful remorse. Not necessary at all.

You should start to learn how to handle it easily by breaking down your tasks in order of their importance. You will likely discover quickly that many of them do not require immediate intervention and you can plan for them for the coming days or even weeks without stress. If you pick the right moment, what seems to be a chore turns into a straightforward and fun activity.

It’s still common to say that if you want something right, do it yourself. Unfortunately, for parents, this way of thinking is very disastrous. Taking all the responsibilities on your shoulders too quickly leads to physical and mental exhaustion. However, the ability to ask for help is not an expression of weakness, but rather the ability to approach everyday life with caution.

It’s not just about sharing things to do between partners. It is also worth getting your children involved in household chores, adjusting them according to the ages and skills of the little helpers. Cleaning or cooking together is a great way to spend time together and learn for the little ones at the same time. Don’t be shy about asking family members or friends for help, too. It is necessary to realize that Being too busy doesn’t prove your worth. However, it can lead to burnout, underperformance, illnesses including depression, nervousness and deterioration of relationships with loved ones.

When a child appears in our lives, he becomes a prominent figure. Fathers, especially mothers, often give up their passion to devote themselves entirely to the upbringing of their children. However, it turns out that this is not the best idea ever. Everyone, regardless of their social role, needs a starting point and a space to pursue their own interests. This allows you to breathe and maintain mental balance. Of course, it is necessary to adapt this to your current lifestyle. It will be difficult for a young mother to go to the wild jungle for a fortnight, but trips for a day or a weekend outside the city are quite achievable.

It is worth noting another advantage in this. Children learn through imitation, so seeing active parents with an interesting hobby will certainly contribute to raising a young man who is curious about the world.

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Kids can turn their whole life upside down. Every day can be filled with laughter and a little drama. In all this confusion, the relationship between the parents is often forgotten. To be a harmonious team, they also need time for themselves. Every day try to find a moment just for the two of you – a moment of conversation and an opportunity to show affection that can explain more than a long line or long “quiet days.”

Try to introduce the tradition of leaving the house for only two people. The weekly dating habit can be difficult when looking after a child, but sometimes ask a loved one for help or consider hiring a babysitter. It’s an investment in a compatible relationship and a “safety barrier” that can get you through even the worst of times.

In the age of universal access to electronic devices, we are constantly bombarded with new information. We hear about the perfect lives of celebrities and friends who always look fresh and satisfied in their social media photos. Realize that this is not a good point of reference, because we only see a snippet of their lives this way – carefully manicured and often incorrect.

Comparing ourselves to others can frustrate us and make us unhappy with ourselves. It’s hard to function when we always feel like we’re doing too little or the wrong way. At the same time, each person is different, and we differ in everything – from character traits to life experiences or a material condition. The organization of your life must meet our individual requirements.

You are breastfeeding your baby for too short or too long. The baby’s jacket is very thin and the hat is skewed. How can a young child actually sleep in a separate room? Many young mothers meet with different opinions on how to care for their children. Many people who are happy to give golden advice only have good intentions, but at the same time do not realize that they do not have to have the last word in every area related to motherhood.

Knowing how to accept help is important, but just as important Set your own limits and follow your beliefs. In medical or educational matters, it is better to rely on specialists than on kind grandparents or aunts. Their knowledge and experience aren’t always current or aligned with your vision of motherhood, so you don’t have to accept their terms for “peace of mind.”

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Pregnancy and postpartum are a major challenge for the body. Although we understand that change is a normal phenomenon, many mothers find it difficult to accept. The above comparisons, which seem to have tremendous destructive power in physical terms, are not helpful.

We learn from the media that another star is back in the gym right after the baby was born and can proudly show off her beautifully shaped abs. My girlfriend was pregnant at the same time and you can’t see her at all, because she still has a graceful figure, and you look down on your folds? It’s time to end this.

Every organism reacts differently. The process of regeneration varies, and there are also individual cases, such as genetic and hormonal. If you feel uncomfortable with your body, start introducing more diets and doing moderate, but not forceful, physical activity. It’s hard to force yourself to trot after a sleepless night and spend a day comforting a teething baby. Instead of focusing on the flaws of your body, it is better to thank him! Appreciate that you were able to play with your kids for half an afternoon, or that you brought your shopping up to the third floor by yourself, because the lift wasn’t working. Focus on the possibilities your body gives you, and you’ll find that the fold in your stomach that appears in a tight blouse will lose its significance.

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