Mielec Science and Technology Festival is about to start [ZOBACZ PROGRAM]

The Milek Science and Technology Festival will be held for the 12th time. The event is scheduled for May 26-29. What has been prepared?

In subsequent editions of the festival, the importance of the intellectual development of the younger generation in the development of their passion for discovery and the deepening of interest in natural and technical sciences was constantly emphasized.

The main objectives of the festival this year are:

  • Strengthening vocational education, which must increasingly respond to the challenges of Economy 4.0.
  • Presenting innovative learning methods aimed at acquiring future competencies.
  • Involvement of children from Ukraine in educational initiatives.
  • Commemoration of Ignacy Łukasiewicz on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

The festival program is mainly intended for:

  • 8th grade students of primary schools, making the educational offer of Mielec Vocational Schools, encouraging them to take on the ambitious challenges of education in the “technically modern” professions;
  • teachers, encouraging them to use innovative teaching methods based on the STEAM model, thus developing the competencies of future students through the implementation of interdisciplinary projects using knowledge from the various subjects taught;
  • School principals, change leaders, experts and representatives of school authorities and business environment institutions, inviting them to learn about strategic initiatives to create centers for future competencies (digital and professional) in the new EU financial perspective for 2022-2027;
  • Children from Ukraine by organizing creative workshops for them in the field of aviation and space modeling, robotics and programming learning through play.

Festival programme:

May 26 12.00 – 14.00: Strategic initiatives to establish future competency centers in 2022-2027
Leader: Krzysztof GumpPlenipotentiary of the Minister of Digitalization to cooperate with the Department of Local Government of the Republic of Poland


  • Industrial Digital Skills Centers (BCU), Peter BartosiakDirector of the Department of Strategy, Qualifications and Vocational Training at the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Digital Development Clubs (KRC), Digital Development Leaders (LRC) and Digital Competency Colleges (KKC), Katarzyna Nosalska, Director of the Digital Competency Development Center at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Przemyslav KalinovskyCRKC
  • Workshops on Effective Use of Technology (PACT), Agnieszka Kurowska-SzczepańskaDirector of Project Recruitment at Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa
  • Equipping schools with digital tools, Thomas ColasDeputy Director of the Digital Transformation Center at the Ministry of Education and Science

26 May 14.00 – 14.45: The Need to Change Teaching and Methods – Introduction to Workshops on Innovative Learning Methods

  • Oktawia GorzeńskaAcademy of Educational Leadership, ZMiana.com Project, Artur KrausekCities on the Internet, projektZMiana.com
  • Paweł Pasterzenthusiast and promoter of science, author of the radio program “Radiolatorium”, Polimedia Rzeszów
  • Marcin PaxDirector of Education Sector Development, Bakrio, Poznan

May 26 15.00 – 17.00: Parallel Workshops

  • STEAM is the key to gaining future competencies, Oktawia Gorzeńska, Artur Krawczyk
  • Experimentarium 3Z – Watch it! Build it! Pretending !, Paweł Pasterz
  • Meeting with modern technology in the future lab:
  • Examples of using the capabilities of 3D printing, Wojciech WojdyłoLeonardo Academy of Technical Skills
  • BECREO KIT – A set for learning programming and mechatronics using an Arduino microcontroller, Marcin Paks

The above events will be held at the Center for Practical Education and Teacher Training.

May 26 18.00 – 20.00: Ceremony to award statues of Leonardo in the following categories: Mielec Talent, Science, Social Responsibility, Enterprise

May 27 9.00 – 17.00: Mielec Vocational Schools Industry 4.0 – CKPiDN and ZST Open Days in Mielec


  • Eighth and high school students from Mielec and Mielec dies

The school and company stand at CKPiDN: until 15.00 – Organized groups of elementary schools in Melek CountyAnd After, after 15.00 – free entry

  1. Presentation of CKPiDN technical laboratories: mechatronics, robotics, CNC machine tools, information technology, engineering design, welding, digital graphics
  2. School suites: the technical school complex, the school complex for them. the professor. Janusz Groszkowski, the school building complex for them. The main soldiers of the army in Melek, the complex of economic schools bl. the father. Roman Sitka
  3. Positions of companies and associations:
  • Flying Valley Association Education Support Foundation – RooboLAB, Paragliding Simulator
  • PILC sp. Z oo – Skydive Simulator
  • AGH Solar Plane Science Club – A display of solar powered planes
  • Radomyśl Wielki – Astronomical Observatory
  • Koca Polska – Robotics Industry 4.0
  • ITA Tools – Tools
  • Podkarpackie Innovation Center – ProtoLAB (Robots, 3D Printing, VR)
  • EcoPlus, Artur Bodziony – Renewable Energy Sources
  • Xerima – Interactive Learning Solutions
  • Polish Information Technology Association – ECDL Presentation
  • Environmental Recovery Foundation – “Electric Garbage” Project
  • Academy of Technical Skills “Leonardo” – an exhibition of aircraft and space rocket models
  • Strengthening vocational education in the framework of the project “Mielec Relies on Professionals – Second Edition” Pomorskie ROP for the period 2014-2020, 9th priority axis Quality of education and competencies in the region, Action 9.4 Improving the quality of vocational education.

In the parking lot next to the business incubator Mielec at ul. Przemysłowa 69, by Foundation Environmental restoration of Kleszczów, a single truck will be installed, which on May 27 this year. in hours from 12.00 to 18.00 The electrical waste of greater volume will be placed, and delivered by companies and residents of Mielec.

Open Day of the Technical School Complex in Melek:

  • Interactive presentation on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Ignacy Łukasiewicz”From torch to laser“- Paweł PasterzPolymedia
  • Studio visit in the art school complex

Lectures in popular science secondary No. Nicholas Copernicus in Mielec:

  • Dr. Love. M. Marcin Nemec, A.; AGHAre we safe in cyberspace?
  • Dr. M. Krzysztof Lalique – AGHAugmented reality and other modern methods of production support
  • Dr. M. Joseph GrzybowskiRzeszow University of Technologyaircraft automatic control
  • Grzegorz Belica – Podkarbaki Center for Innovation, Inspiration, Idea, Execution. How to turn a problem into a unique product
  • Other lectures:
  • Damien Biscoe – Museum of the Oil and Gas Industry Ignacy Łukasiewicz in Bóbrka, Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s work on the 200th anniversary of his birth” – Primary School No. 7 in Mielec
  • Dr. M. Bogdan OstrovskyHow fun it is to live and achieve success and happiness – Fifth Secondary School in Melek

Mielec children’s schools and associations from Ukraine

May 26, 16.00 – 18.00 SP 6 – Creative classes run by CKPiDN methodological advisors and volunteer teachers

May 27, 13.20-14.00 ZST – Interactive show “From torch to laser”

May 27 16.00 – 18.00 CKPiDN – Creative workshops inside MAUT “Leonardo”

  • Learn programming while enjoying the educational game ScottieGo
  • educational robotics programming
  • Workshops in aviation and space modeling

May 29 12.00-15.00 JawJa Rzemień, Przystań Gościnnośthese

  • Demonstrations of remote-controlled missile models
  • Flights for the little ones on an axel glider
  • Airplane flights and space models made by children and teens during classes at MAUT “Leonardo”
  • Parachute simulator
  • Gyroscopic flight seat
  • Movement games and activities
  • Show “Meet Baba Yaga” – performed by children from Ukraine

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