Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan caused a storm as it entered the laboratory

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan She never hid the fact that her two sons from her previous marriage, Tadeus and Stanislav, were born Thanks to the lab method. Celebrities are ardent advocates of this method, thanks to which thousands of couples in Poland have fulfilled their dream of fatherhood.

Unfortunately, since law and justice took over, the atmosphere around IVF has deteriorated dramatically. There are many politicians who say, without a trace of embarrassment, that IVF don’t smell like strawberries and have grooves on their foreheads.

Margaret, though I grew up in a conservative houseHer father, Stanisław Kostrevsky, was for many years the treasurer of the PiS, and she does not understand how one can be so cruel as to stop people from trying to have the children of their dreams. In this case, Rosink Majdan, as the most famous person discussing the topic of IVF, became an ambassador for this method, which is often the only hope for childless couples. You may like Małgorzata or not, but it’s hard to deny that she does a lot of hard work in this regard in a country where right-wing politicians divide children for better and worse.

The star decided to continue the hit and publish the book “In the Lab. Intimate Conversations. Unfortunately, as she was later accused, she got a little crazy with the descriptions of her heroic act in the book, because the interviews were given by completely different people.

Recently, Rosink shocked Majdan with the costs of in vitro fertilization, which were passed on to patients, since the current government decided to abolish support from the state budget, and decided to return to the topic. She made an official statement on the matter on Instagram:

It’s been a long time since not entering wouldn’t cause such a storm on the internet. Congratulations and thanks were poured out:

However, there were also suspicions that Małgorzata’s goal was not to spread artificial insemination as an alternative method of breeding, but Promote yourself:

By the way, I wonder why Rosink completely omitted the men’s Majdan in his statement? Didn’t you care what they thought about family planning?

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