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The house shown is located in Iława, right on the shore of the lake, surrounded by nature, with a pier and a private entrance to the water. The owners bought it on the secondary market. The building was constructed in the 1980s, so it required an extensive renovation.

author: May 26, 2022 4:12 pm

  • The house was designed by Estera and Robert Sosnowski, owners of Studio Projekt.
  • In the interior design, the designers used the display of products available in the Dekorian Home chain of stores.
  • The house is one-storey, has an unusual Y-shape, an area of ​​\u200b\u200b150 square meters.

Estera Sosnowska admits that the house they had the opportunity to design was a dream. It was recognized by the magazine “Dobra Mieszkaj” as one of the three most beautiful houses in Poland. No wonder, it is located right on the shores of the lake, surrounded by nature, with a pier and a private entrance to the water. The owners bought it on the secondary market. Work went quickly and smoothly. Dom nad Jeziorakiem is not the first collaboration between investors and Studio Projekt. Engineers are well aware of the tastes and preferences of future hosts.

The house is one-story and has an unusual Y-shape. On an area of ​​150 square meters there is a place for an open living room with a dining room, a kitchenette, a bedroom for the hosts with a wardrobe, a bathroom, a children’s room, a study and a guest bathroom. In a moment, there would be another family member in the world who would need his room. The hosts also asked Studio Projekt to arrange the extended private part of the house.

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The house is maintained in very calm colours. This is the kingdom of all shades of gray.

The owners love symmetry (the previous interior was black and white), but the designers persuaded them to bring into the arrangement the blue of the sky and the surface of the lake, visible from the windows of the house. Hence the blue decorative rug and pillows in the living room. The gray colors that dominate the interior are neither cold nor sad. They are warmed with Pergo laminate panels from Dekorian Home. They faithfully produce natural wood, and also have a special water-repellent coating that prevents water penetration.

The gray colors that dominate the interior are neither cold nor sad. photomohito photo

In the arrangement of the living room, wood also appears as a laminated wall surface in the entrance area and part of the facades of veneered kitchen cabinets. Also of note is a beautiful table made by a local carpenter, whose natural solid wood surface contrasts with the range of glossy gray shades that dominate this part of the house.

The kitchen is large and comfortable, equipped for cooking.

The kitchen places great emphasis on function. photomohito photo

The designers combined the color of natural wood with facades painted in light gray and shimmering appliances in elegant black. The ultra-thin GetaLit CD table top is also black. The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a kitchen island with a work surface. There is also a bar where you can enjoy a quick meal or drink your morning coffee.

The seating area is arranged with Adriana’s furniture. It is dominated by beautiful, large-scale murals by Italian brand Glamora, which were selected for the Dekorian Home. It is a great decoration and background for your TV. Nicely spread out on the adjacent wall refer to. It is counterbalanced by an abstract painting by Łukasz Stokowski hanging above the table. It is also worth paying attention to the interesting box furniture (including the TV stand) of the Polish brand Phormy. A fireplace covered in anthracite ceramics with a slate texture marks the boundary between the living area and the private part of the hosts. The bedrooms and the master’s office are located there.

The style of the bedroom is similar to a hotel room. photomohito photo

The hosts’ bedroom is decorated in an elegant style, reminiscent of a luxurious hotel room. The wall behind the bed’s headboard is covered in 3D wallpaper purchased from Dekorian Home. Its texture is enhanced by LED lighting at the junction of the black-painted wall and ceiling. Bedside lamps have replaced Wood brand pendant lamps. The space of the room is expanded by a mirror of a charming style, the crystal of which is mirrored by a bed with a velvet headboard and an upholstered banquette.

We enter the bathroom from the owners bedroom. Its walls are lined with white tiles and 3D mirrors are reminiscent of the wallpaper at the head of the bed. There are also wooden elements – an openwork screen separating the toilet and bathtub, a sink cabinet, window blinds and tiled floors imitating natural wood. All are finished with fittings by Grohe.

There is also a second bathroom in the house, lined with Tubądzin tiles. Here, the owners decided to install a shower cabin. The floor and wall in the shower are covered with Venetian tiles imitating natural wood.

In the house of Jeziorak, well-chosen and well-designed lighting attracts attention. Decorative lamps in the living room: Mto by Vesoi above the table, C4 lamps above the coffee table and art lighting by Chors and AQform in the hallway.

This is the last minute to see the owners of their son’s room in this version. The four-year-old wanted a new, less childlike arrangement. We’re interested in what they’ll come up with with the designers. For now we can admire the blue walls, interestingly painted with PARA paint purchased from Dekorian Home (as well as the other walls in the house) and the large-scale 3D wall graphics by Glamora (also from Dekorian Home). We promise to come back to see results.

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