Disco Polo Music: Spring 2022 schedule. What’s new?

The new program will be on the schedule of Spring Disco Polo Music”Disco Polo after 30 years” (Saturdays at 2pm starting March 12th).

Bold and interesting themes will be addressed with the stars of the genre. Camera creators will take their world to learn about artists from a completely different perspective. Of course, there will be the latest clips and the greatest songs. The program will run Kasia Morawska And Marcin Kotinsky.

“Sharp questions – will knock!” (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.), or disco polo stars on the fire of questions Kasia Morawska. What have you changed to? You are welcome wedding night? Or the girl group heels Fulfilling every request of their fans? How many girls does he have Zbyszek Perkowski? What questions does he not like to answer? Magda Narwena? What complexes does Emilia work in raise your voice? These are just alternatives to the questions Kasia will ask her guests. This season, the responses to them will be: Power Play, Extazy, Dejw, Andre, Jorrgus, or Malibu!

Exciting assemblies, interesting ideas and sharp comments from the disco stars themselves are the idea behind the “Sort” programme. This season we will choose among others the top 10 hits of 2021, the most youthful disco polo songs, the best duets of the last decade of disco polo. We will remember the oldest disco polo shows and discuss the best songs for an outdoor party. It’s going to be hot, because we’ll be tempted to round up the most handsome singers and prettiest models at the disco clips.

Disco Polo Music viewers’ favorite music magazine. As usual, we’ll be at every major industry event, showcasing Disco Polo from the kitchen and revealing new gossip from the disco world every day. And if that wasn’t enough, Marcin Kotyński will give you plenty of hits and hot news.

From Wednesday to Sunday at 18:00 Vojtek Kachmarczyk He will present the top 10 songs that have stolen viewers’ hearts in SMS voting!

Program full of entertainment and host Robert “Mickey” Garrick. In each episode, a poll, as well as “Nasz Typ”, these are the best songs selected by the editors of Disco Polo Music. There will also be talks with stars about disco music, meetings with bands, visits to plans for music videos and concerts, and curiosity and rumors from social media.

In addition, every day, on the air of Disco Polo Music, various musical groups, where every fan of disco will find something for themselves – wake up to the best rhythm, that is, songs that will put you in a good mood from the morning. – In the rhythm of disco polo (daily 08:00). Famous and famous wedding songs, with which the legs are ready to dance on their own – Oh wedding! (Daily 11:00 and 20:00). Top songs that conquered the charts with millions of views that everyone knows and loves – Visits only (Mon-Sat – 19:00) And the best news will be on everyone’s lips in an instant – News Zone (Mon-Sat 3pm)! On Friday and Saturday there will also be evening party bands on the weekend – Party Variety (Friday and Saturday, 21.00). We remember every Sunday at two o’clock in the afternoon The biggest disco polo party.

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