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All children’s holiday soon. For this occasion, in cooperation with our sponsors – Chocoffee Chocolate Manufacture, RM Publishing House and Cinema3D, we have prepared a competition with a lot of gifts for your children. Delicious chocolate candy, full of adventures, unique books and stories, plus Świdnica movie tickets? Win great prizes!

Traditionally, as every year, we invite you to participate in the competition on the occasion of Children’s Day. We organized it with our wonderful sponsors who want to give our younger readers a treat – Chocoffee Chocolate Factory, RM Publishing House and Cinema3D in Świdnica. What gifts did they prepare this time?

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially in this excellent version, which for many years the residents of Udnica and tourists served as famous people in Poland Świdnica chocolate factory “Shokovy”. A large selection of delicious and high-quality chocolate sweets can be tasted in the charming chocolate shop in the heart of Świdnica – at ul. Rynek 8. Among them we can find delicious hand-made pralines with a classic or unusual original filling, chocolate in bars with fruits and nuts, but also with other inconspicuous toppings or real hot chocolate. At Chocoffee we will also stock the most delicious ready-made chocolates, which, when beautifully packaged by the staff, can become the perfect gift for any occasion. Now, in the chocolate shop, we can also find special sweets with festive flavors, patterns and decorations. Our small local chocolate factory would like to give young readers up to five combinations of delicious and completely unique chocolate products.

He also wants to give his children a bunch of unique gifts RM . publishing house. To win – adventure novel “Niki and Tesla: The Magic Supercyborg Gauntlet”, “Frigiel and Fluffy” from the “Distant Lands” series, wrote parts – “Three Clans”, “The Eater” and “The Secret of Oriel”, unofficial guide” Drawing in the style of Minecraft”, as well as colorful exercises with elements of the Montessori method – “I know the world and nature”, “First Letters and Numbers”, “My First Words” and a children’s story – “The King Who Forbidden Darkness”.

Niki and Tesla: The Magic Gauntlet of the Super Cyborg”

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith are the authors of the next installment in the science-adventure series. – After the spy scandal at the house of Uncle Nikki and Tesla Holt, they finally had the opportunity to relax and take part in the opening of an unusual exhibition at the X-tremalny Naukorium. Unfortunately, things quickly get complicated and siblings who love science, experiments, and troubles have to step in and come up with something extra! – Describes the publication of RM Publishing House. – warning! In the book you’ll find tips for making a super glove full of tools! – He adds.

Frigel and Fluffy. far country”

Frigiel – has become the undisputed Minecraft® specialist thanks to his presence on YouTube, where he has been since 2011 and where there are more than 3000 videos of his authorship. The adventures of Frigel and Fluffy follow with over 1.8 million subscribers!

The Three Clans, Volume One

Peace did not prevail for long in Ulan Arca and the whole kingdom! Relationships between wizards and what the wizard Askar Ridge ridiculously called “gifted” are still poor. Frigel and his friends set out for the village of Roch Rouge, located in the Plains of Fire, where the border with distant lands stretches.The most mysterious and hostile land in the world of Minecraft. They have to find out how the attack that destroyed the lapis lazuli mine occurred. But Abel has an idea: he wants to venture deep into distant lands in the hope of getting a magical table there that will help craft magical weapons and equalize forces between witches and soldiers. During the journey, Frigel and his friends discover a world completely different from the one they know. They have to take new risks with it.

predator. second volume

Even though Frigel and Thales won the great rama tournament, they didn’t get the magic table as the main prize. They desperately need him to help the people free Rakumo from the indigo and to free Abel who is imprisoned there! They hope their task will be facilitated by the magic books they expect to find at Ölga’s. But is it enough to create an army of fangs? Meanwhile, Alice is finally able to decipher the mysterious work that Zima has given her. Now she must find her friends to warn them… Here is the great priestess who is looking for the gates of the end, to lead the Eater to distant lands. Magic is in danger!

Uriel’s secret T3

Explore more adventures of Frigiel and Fluffy in the far lands, the most mysterious and hostile lands in the world of Minecraft! Enora, Frigel’s mother, wants to eliminate witchcraft at all costs. It’s harsh. She escaped from Borderlands, taking the driving block and leaving her son in mortal danger there. The wizard and his friends must emerge from this sinister dimension, but first, Alice must be freed from the hands of the Snoopy warrior Ouerpo. Frigel and Abel, defending themselves against the attacks of a predator, rush to her rescue. Meanwhile, a predatory beast attacks more ferociously and seems indestructible… Will Frigel and his friends manage to escape from the end? Will they find Enora before she summons the predator to distant lands? Will they be able to reach the legendary Sky Islands Uriel to seek help there? One thing is for sure: Enora will surprise them more than once…

“Drawing in the style of Minecraft. 2nd Edition”

Minecraft was released in 2011. It allows millions of players from all over the world to collect cubes called “blocks”. In this book, you will learn how to draw Minecraft figures with a special grid and create a game world using ordinary crayons! Here you will find more than 80 templates for graphics, divided by topic. Characters, animals, monsters, decorations… Complete PC game on paper! Each drawing was identified at individual stages of its creation. These in turn show how to connect blocks in the world of Minecraft. Once you understand the rules of perspective, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own models… in myriad ways, just like in the game!

Exercises in the educational series for preschoolers in the spirit of the method of Maria Montessori Bogomitsa Zdrogoska – “I know the world and nature”, “First letters and numbers”, “My first words”.

Learn about the world and nature

How many points does a ladybug have? What animals hatch from the egg? How many planets does the solar system consist of? How is the shadow made? What do you do to save water? Children keep asking questions because they are interested in the world and eager to learn new things, and at the same time they treat learning as fun. Help your child discover the world around him using Montessori learning elements.

In this book you will find beautiful illustrations and a variety of exercises that not only expand your child’s knowledge of nature, but also help them learn writing, enrich their language and develop their mathematical thinking. There are mazes, puzzles and coloring pages that adapt to the skills and perceptions of preschoolers.

My first letters and numbers

A 4-5 year old child is curious to know the world, has a receptive mind and eagerly learns new things, because writing and reading, counting, drawing, slicing, drawing or doing simple physical experiments are not only learning for him, but above all great fun .

You can support your child’s development using the variety of language, math, science, and arts exercises in this book, based on the method developed by Maria Montessori. Accompany the child in performing the exercises: explain the instructions, be an attentive and sensitive guide in the surrounding world.

my first words”

The brain of a 4-5 year old child is constantly developing. He is curious about the world and willingly learns new things, and at the same time treats learning as fun. At this age, he is expanding his vocabulary and trying to learn first letters, read syllables and combine them into words. So let us help your child learn to write and read using the different language exercises given in this book based on the method developed by Maria Montessori. Accompany the child in the performance of his tasks: explain the commands, be an attentive and sensitive guide in the world around you.

The king who forbade darkness

There was a boy who was afraid of the dark. There is nothing unusual in it – after all, children are sometimes afraid of the dark. But this boy was a prince, and when he became king he decided to deal with darkness once and for all – he introduced the law that forbade him. The King Who was Afraid of the Dark is a story about power and revolution and how we also need darkness to appreciate the light.

A book by Emily Haworth Booth in the crowd. Michał Zacharzewski was published as part of a project entitled Read, Meet, Explore: Becoming European for Beginners, who share tolerance and the courage to explore the world and kindness.

Every child loves to watch cartoons. “Sonic 2: Lightning Fast”, “Mr. Welk and Company”Or “Dogtanian. Knight”? Cinema 3D in Świdnica invites you to the premiere of an action-packed animation. As part of the competition, Cinema Świdnica has prepared up to 12 tickets for selected shows for the youngest viewers.

In order to participate in the game, a request must be sent to the following address [email protected] The competition question is: What was your happiest day?? The answer can be included in an image, in a hand-drawn graphic, which must be sent to our email after shooting, or in a few explanatory sentences included in the content of the application. The email address “Children’s Day” must also contain the name, surname, contact phone number (for an adult), selection of the prize and consent to publication – photos and photo of the child (if the application is sent in this form) and personal data that will appear in the announcement of the results of the competition on the portal Świdnica24. We are waiting for photos until May 31 at 10.00 am The solution to the competition will be published on the Świdnica24 portal. The most interesting photos will be awarded by the competition jury. On the same day, after the contest has been dismissed, we will notify you of your winnings. We do not send out prizes! The announcement of the results of the competition, along with the winning photos, will be published on Ś Detailed regulations for organized competitions can be found on Świdnica24 here. Submitting a competition application is tantamount to accepting the regulations. Good luck and God bless you!


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