Chicken party fancy style. Six ideas

A photo session during a hen party is not only fun, but also a great keepsake.

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A bachelorette party is a one-of-a-kind party during which one of the ladies enjoys being a beauty queen for the last time. No wonder we want this event to be exceptional and stay in our memory for a long time. It is worth giving yourself a little luxury on this occasion.

Where is a spa in Tri-City?

Bachelorette parties have become notorious for being loud, saucy, and tacky. Nor should it be. Tri-City offers many opportunities to spend this evening in style. What would a bachelorette party look like in the deluxe version?

Yacht trip around the bay

When planning your stag party in Tri-City, it’s worth taking advantage of the opportunities that the proximity to the sea offers. One of the most interesting ideas Cruise on a private yacht on the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk or the Motlawa River. We can take or order food and drinks on board, and the flight itself (depending on its length) may become the focal point or additional attraction of the event. The price range is really big and it depends on the class of the yacht, the time we plan to spend on the yacht and the route. The very luxury yacht charter with full food and alcohol catering is so 7450 PLN In three hours.

Dinner tasting

Dinner tasting is more than just a visit to a restaurant. This is amazing A multidimensional culinary experienceThe dishes are presented with the utmost care, and the menu is prepared by the chef himself. In the deluxe version we can also try Fr. A selection of wine or other alcoholic beverages Emphasizing the flavors of the dishes we tasted. Dinner tastings can be found, among others, at Arco by Paco Perez, Fino, Biały Królik or Mercato. The price of this dinner without wine is in the range 209 – 640 PLN for one person.

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With chicken parties in mind, Tri-City Spa is equipped Special Stay Packages. At Mera Spa we can take advantage of the Spa Party, which includes a selected massage, two glasses of wine, small snacks, access to the pool and sauna area, bike rental or aqua aerobics lessons. At Hilton Urban Spa, we can To rent an exclusive wellness area And in an intimate setting, you can take advantage of the swimming pool, dry and steam saunas and a comfortable terrace with a view of Gdańsk. The offer includes one of three types of non-alcoholic cocktails, and for an additional fee we can choose a mask for the face, hands or feet. In the Sheraton Sopot Spa, as part of the hen party, one of the beauty treatments is available, moreover, we have unlimited access to the wellness area (pool, jacuzzi, salt water saunas, sauna, rain caves, hot tub), and in the fireplace area We will eat Italian tapas and drink sparkling wine. Spa packages are more or less priced PLN 400-500 for one person.

A combined trip out of town and a visit to the spa - sounds like the recipe for the perfect bachelor party.

A combined trip out of town and a visit to the spa – sounds like the recipe for the perfect bachelor party.

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Departure out of town

Or maybe a trip out of town? Near Tri-City, you’ll find many fun hotels that will surely meet the standards of a chicken party in the deluxe version, such as Leśny Dwór on Lake Węgorzyno in Sulęczyno or Hanza Palace Wellness & Spa in Bory Tucholskie. For those who prefer to party by the sea, Gwiazda Morza Resort Spa & Sport in Władysławowo or Bryza Resort & Spa in Jurata may be a good choice. Most suburban hotels also have their own spa, which may become an additional attraction. Weekend rates at a luxury hotel out of town start at 500 PLN per night per person. It’s worth checking out the weekend package deals.

Perfume composition

It is an interesting and creative idea for bachelorette party Workshops on making your own perfume. Sopocki Styl offers such a possibility. Under the supervision of an experienced perfumer, we can create our own unique fragrance, which will remain with us as a souvenir of this special evening. Coupon prices start from zloty 219 For 30 ml of perfume.

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– The Sopot Perfume Lab is an exceptional place, because it combines the possibility of creating your own perfume and gives you the opportunity to learn about the work of the world’s most respected perfumers. It is a combination of the artistic craft of perfumery offered by our niche perfumes with a place where everyone can create their own perfume based on their own preferences and desires – says Peter Villar From Sopot Style.

Photography session

An increasingly popular idea of ​​attraction during a hen party is a joint photo session. There are many possibilities – A studio session, an outdoor session, or perhaps a spontaneous game picked up by a photojournalist? These photos will surely be a great keepsake of this special evening. Prices start from approx. 600 PLN For the smallest package of images.

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