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Beti and Rara, that is, Beata Bełtowska and her daughter Kasia, are a unique duo not only in life, but also on stage. A few days ago, they premiered their music video for the song, Friday. The movie “Sky”, which tells the story of a beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. Who are the talented singers of Bukowina Tatrzańska?

A few years ago, mother and daughter together appeared on the TVN program “Aplauz Apaluz” and became finalists for this program. In the wave of such success, they became the faces of an advertising campaign of one of the famous cosmetic companies.

– If we had stayed in Warsaw then, a lot of things about music would surely have gone faster. However, Kasia was only 16 years old, she still had to study, and I did not want her to enter the field of show business so quickly – Beata Bełtowska, or Beti, admitted in an interview with the portal

However, participation in the program, which was supposed to be just an adventure, greatly affected the fate of mother and daughter. Women began to seriously think about continuing a singing career.

– I am a teacher, I have been working with young people for years, and I teach them music. When I met Majka Jeżowska while performing on the show, she made me realize that there is still a huge creativity gap for children that she herself cannot bridge. It inspired me, because the children have always received me well, I felt good in the repertoire for them – explains the singer, who co-authored the music for children on the Beti & Bobass album. This duet with Majka Jeżowska recorded a song called “My City”.

Both women started a broader collaboration, because as a teacher who teaches music to young people in her native region, i.e. in Bodhill, Betty is also a vocal coach at the Academy of Education and Development in Majka Gyuwska.

– I love singing for children, I create songs for them working with Magic Records – says Beti.

The song “Magic Numbers” has reached nearly 400,000, and “We’re Going On Vacation” – more than 700,000 views on YouTube. Beti performs a lot during the year, and Kasia often accompanies her with her great voice and sensuality.

I have two adorable daughters, but Basia is an art college graduate, totally introverted, and has never been drawn to the scene. Kasia graduated from a music school, and she was attracted to singing from a young age. On stage, you feel like a fish in the water. Although she moved from Nowy Targ, where the three of us live and now live in Wrocław, we often go to concerts together. In this profession, the distance does not matter, you can get to the concert from anywhere in Poland. The road from Nowy Targ to the National Theater may be longer than the capital, but I’m proof that you shouldn’t give up on yourself and your dreams. I was a single mom, raising two adorable girls, but I always knew my time would come. Betty says he has come now.

So far, she has performed mainly in Podhale. Here she and her daughter are well known, they always have a loyal audience in exclusive hotels and holiday resorts. One of my favorite places is the Rysy Leisure and Recreation Center in Bukowina Tatrzańska, where you can often see their performances. However, recently, artists are becoming more and more known throughout Poland, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find a free date on their calendar, especially when it comes to children’s shows. Has Majka Jeżowska’s competition been increasing?

There is no fear, we complement each other instead of competing with each other. Anyway, Majka has also wanted to sing for adults for a long time, and she is also fulfilling her dreams. This is beautiful. We, mature women, are consistent in our pursuit of our goals, says Betty.

On the occasion of Betty’s Mother’s Day with Kasia, pseudonym Rara Avis recorded a song and a music video titled “Rock” as a tribute to all mothers. The song talks about the unique love that is the love of parents. Both artists wrote the lyrics, and the co-author of the song is also a Bielsko musician and music producer, Bowie Stupio.

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