Artist from Ukraine is one of the guests of Globaltica – Music Festival of World Cultures

On July 14, the opening ceremony of the Globaltica Festival will take place. A multicultural musical feast infused with original sounds, exotic rhythms and unusual shape are not the only advantages of Globaltica. The organizers, apart from concerts, planned many attractions, both for adults and for children. There will be a film program and theater as well as an exhibition by world-famous Ukrainian artist Daria Alyoshkina. The festival will last three days and will end with DJ Mukambo performing during the next dance party.

To understand a foreign culture, you need to be emotionally involved in getting to know it, and the best way to do that is to experience art and explore the sensitivity of artists from different countries. An important aspect is to teach this delicacy not only to adults, but also to children in particular. As a result, it will allow the upbringing of a generation that is globally engaged in the economy, culture and economy. On the other hand, music is a medium whose power affects everyone. Through it, one reaches the most reluctant heads.

Thus, the Globaltica World Cultures Festival is not only an opportunity to spend time in a fun way during the holidays, but also a way to spark interest (not only for the young ones) in foreign cultures for us. Among the artists of Globaltica there will be previously announced musicians; Collection Damir Imamovic trio, dealing in a unique way with the musical tradition of Bosnia; a team door bluesplays in the direction of the centuries-old Moroccan Gnawa practice, rooted in the traditions of Islam and sub-Saharan Africa, and dedicated to Cambrian music; Cimarronwhich was founded to spread the Colombian Gurubo style and Llaneros culture throughout the world; Brody Bandwhich deals with secular and religious works from the region of the First Polish Republic, who will perform a concert during the Globaltica, and also perform a dance with traditional Polish music.

But this is not the end of course! The organizers of Globaltica have just revealed the upcoming artists at the festival!

The band joined the ranks of the musicians cumbia boroca. The band is fully capable of giving a new look to classic ’60s cumbia, adding elements of reggae, dub, African and rock. Their music also includes the sounds of psychedelic guitars, elaborate percussion sections and brass instruments that explode with energy and strength. Musicians don’t forget the Peruvian cumbia called chicha, and the result is a “hybrid” cumbia – nueva cumbia – music full of amazing Latin energy that will move every listener.

The band released two albums in Europe and played over 250 concerts, each time putting the audience in a great mood and conveying what – as the musicians themselves say – has always been the goal of the Kumbia Boruka group – positive vibration, joy and energy, while promoting in Stary, perhaps the continent The most emblematic rhythms of Latin America. It is also worth noting that the band’s music was featured on the soundtrack for the excellent Netflix documentary series “Maradona in Mexico” in 2019.

It is also worth paying attention to the performance Christine SalemBorn in Saint-Denis on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, which maintains a strong connection to its culture and tries to honor its roots through music. At the same time, though respectful of her roots, Salem – as one of the most famous voices to come from Reunion and enjoying the status of a cult artist there – is breaking many musical rules and traditions, following her own path.

Its great strength lies in the sincerity of expression, which has more to do with creativity and intuition than with notation and musical theory. This method of creativity gives her unlimited freedom, and the result is an inspiring musical mix, filled with African rhythms, subtle or sometimes sharp guitar sounds and soulful texts in Creole and French or English. Salem evokes in his songs childhood, travel, parties and meetings. It also happens that it refers to religion, beliefs, and times of slavery. Its unique sound combined with the sounds of traditional local percussion instruments, guitar and violin transports the listener to a small, cozy island in the Indian Ocean, from which it is difficult to leave.

The dance festival after the party will be hosted by DJ Mocambo, based in Brussels, music journalist for 14 years and radio presenter for 10 years, writing about music and world cultures, is looking for artists who have interesting things to say. Perhaps that is why Afrobeat is his favorite music – he says, the genre is very honest and danceable.

The uniqueness of Mocambo’s groups is characterized by the fact that it plays mainly new music: a selection of attractive afrobeat, groove Afro-Latin and Afro-Brazilian, luzophone climates of the Black Continent, Sokos, Etogroves, reggae / dub / dancehall and hip-hop with an ethnic / regional taste + tropical bass. Mocambo, as he says himself, remains true to the rhythm of pure music and does not play house, disco or techno.

Festival highlights will also include permanent festival city elements, such as “Mind Power Zone,” “GLOBALTICA KIDS,” “Social Town,” or “Merchant Town.” Several films about art, culture and artists will also be shown.

Ukrainian artist has special significance Daria AlyoshkinaBorn into a family of sculptors in Kyiv, she has been representing Ukraine at many international exhibitions and events for many years. The artist deals with the art of paper cutting, which is not widely known, but is often practiced in the form of local folklore (especially in Slavic countries). Its exhibition will open Globaltica Festival on July 14 with the performance of the aforementioned Damir Imamović Trio troupe.

It will be one of the attractions for the youngest ones Performance of the Igraszka Puppet Theater entitled “Journey Beyond the Horizon”. But it will not end with the show! This time it will be very musical, dance and touching. In addition, instrument-making workshops, percussion lessons, animation and dance games are planned. There will also be creative art workshops for young and old children, creation of totems, meeting with interesting children’s literature and eco-classes with the Green Cell group.

Follow the preparations for Globaltica in person so that you do not miss any important information:

GLOBALTICA It is a unique event in the summer calendar of cultural events. The main objective of the Festival of World Cultures is to show cultural pluralism, to introduce people to different traditions and religions.

Most importantly, at the festival, we will not see these traditions in the form of a “museum”, but rather the vitality of cultural inspiration, we will find areas where cultural roots meet modernity, where what is rooted in tradition becomes desirable in contemporary culture. The invited musicians keep tradition from oblivion, drawing from the roots to present them in a contemporary version – original musical ties are the trademark of many bands that have presented themselves during previous editions of the Globaltica Festival. The main field of activity is music, but the festival also presents works from other fields, such as literature, fine art, photography and film.

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