Alicja Walczak from the first edition of “Big Brother”. what happened to her

  • Alicja Walczak was remembered by viewers as a former spiritual archetype. The other participants in “Big Brother” called her “The Gladiator”.
  • After the program, Walczak tried to stay in the show business. Her health problems got in the way
  • Having vanished from the screen, she chose to focus on education. Graduated from the University of Warsaw and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
  • Walczak now focuses on art. The effects of her work appear on Instagram
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Polish viewers met Elijah Walchuck in 2001 – then she fought with 14 other people for the main prize in the program “Big Brother”. Walczak withdrew from the fourth program from the end; Win 500 thousand. Then the PLN went to Janusz Dzięcioł. Exiting the Big Brother House did not mean the end of his career in show business. Alicja Walczak appeared in two other films and tried to stay longer on screen. However, she later chose a different career path.

Photo: Jacek Turczyk / PAP

Elijah Waltzack (2001)

In 2001, Alicja Walczak aroused great feelings among viewers – as well as extreme feelings. Some were fascinated by a beautiful brunette (before the program, Alicja tried her hand at modeling), but others did not like her. Many people remembered the fact that Alice was very spiritual. She ended each day with a prayer that distinguished her from the rest of the participants.

They also evaluated it differently. Alice was nominated for Leaving Home five times, a kind of record for the first series.

– Walchuck told “Dziennik Bałtycki”.

Alicja finally pulled out of the program just before the finals, as the fourth person from the finale. She did not want to disappear from the media, as evidenced by her appearance in two films by Jersey Groza, which brought together the participants of “Big Brother”: “Golchas, how do you think …” (2001) and “Yerik !!! Cosmic nomination “(2002). But later, viewers missed her.

What happened? Alicia and Chuck have had difficult experiences behind them. She told “Fact”: “I had a serious traffic accident, a head-on collision I survived, thank God.” After the accident, the woman suffered from back problems and underwent rehabilitation, but she did not give up her great passion for sports. I tried to put it all together.

Later, Walchuck contracted cancer. As she explained in an interview, she succumbed to small cell lung cancer, but was able to recover from the disease. She emphasized that her connection with God was very important in the treatment process.

After completing her adventure with “Big Brother”, Walchuck devoted herself to education. She graduated in journalism from the University of Warsaw and received a diploma from the Faculty of Graphic at the Gdask Academy of Fine Arts. “Sensitivity to the surrounding world, beauty and harmony, which are very dear to me from an early age, made her the direction of my interests. (…) I inherited these skills from my mother, she was multi-talented. I participate in many plein-airs paintings ”, She told “Dziennik Bałtycki”.

Currently, Alicja Walczak mainly spends her time in her painting workshop. The results of the work are displayed on Instagram.

Photography: Carol Makurat/Akba

Alice Walczak (2021)



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