A Fuzz Supreme: We’re on the same wave

Ignacy Puśledzki, Interia.pl: I was really interested in your music in the charity group “Polish Songs of Ukraine”. Help is important, but you weren’t afraid to lose a little firepower with that “false start” with the clip-target promotion?

Pfeiffer: The most important thing was the goal, and the ambitions had to be tamed a little. At first I was worried about such a false start, but in the end this action was aimed at a rather random and wide audience, so it didn’t really hurt us.

Igorilla: – It’s hard for me to imagine a better start to the project than sharing my notes on a compilation with such a message and a group of artists. We felt very proud, and at the same time many people found out about our existence. Win-win.

How was your meeting and how was A Fuzz Supreme born?

And.: – We crossed with Michel on stage several times. His live band is made up of musicians he’s played with too Selita’s motherOr already under the banner of Igorilla. We came up with a common piece about a decade ago, but only managed to put the finishing touches on it in the pandemic of 2021. Meanwhile, Mikhail has moved to Belgium, but the distance in kilometers and time hasn’t stopped us. It turns out that we’re on the same wavelength when it comes to getting close to life and getting inspired. This is how A Fuzz Supreme was born.

F.: – I remember that the topic was first raised after a concert. However, each of us was too busy with other projects and nothing came of it in the end. X years to come and it turns out that not only the desire to work together is still alive, but also something interesting can come out of it.

“The files from Brussels are coming to me, do not associate them with the life of Euroelit” – all materials were created remotely, did you manage to meet at least for a moment for joint sessions?

And.: – Me by the way WildThe project I am creating BodzersonI’ve found that working remotely can be seamless and effective when you’re working with someone you trust. We saw Faiver in Warsaw while working on his EP, but actually all of the work was done remotely. I don’t think it hurts the material. I hear people say you can smell chemistry.

F.: The whole time we were communicating with each other so frequently and regularly that I didn’t really feel like there was much distance between us. Some things happen in real time. Once, I was sitting under my desk at work and whispering comments and instructions on the phone to a keyboardist who was recording for us in a studio in Warsaw at the same time (laughs). In the future, we both would like at least some recordings to happen at the same place and time, it’s just a matter of logistics.

You can feel the lively atmosphere in this music. Will there be parties?

And.: The captivating face of matter, the energy the artist extracts from what he did in the studio, is the essence for me. He’s been the main driver of what I’ve been doing for the past several years Selita’s mother. I know that Michał gave concerts with sound system in the style of “One Man Army” with synthesizers, guitars and other fountains, so I think it’s a matter of time and opportunity – here’s a suggestion to book (laughs). I’m also happy to have the bass or paddle. As a father emerging from the darkness of early parenthood, I now have a lot of pressure to play!

F.: I think playing live is going to be a huge logistical challenge, but we’ll do it. Igor struck me with his approach – nothing is impossible, you just have to be well informed.

The name A Fuzz Supreme perfectly reflects how your music sounds, but it would be totally unfair to simply call it the marriage of rap, jazz and punk. How would you describe what you do and what was the inspiration that inspired you to do so?

And.: Two disruptive harassment Beastie BoysI got into a time capsule and started recording a CD with it Mario Caldato in Los Angeles in 1994. Unfortunately, there was a short circuit and the gentlemen landed on the planet posttrap. Instead of desperation, they built a portable studio using smuggled post-Soviet components into the cockpit for CD Coltrane And clash And he picks out a Fuzz guitar that Faiver makes in his garage. The crew is not back on Earth, but periodically sends us musical reports about their journey through the galaxy. on.

F.: – (laughs) The best possible summary. My favorite art form is collage. Since I was a kid, I covered everything with stickers and newspaper clips, then painted on them, added pictures, etc. I’m trying to transfer my fascination with collage into music. I listen to a little bit of everything, and try to ignore genres. The further away from each other, the better – the most interesting thing is what happens on the border between them.

You probably know this saying: “Good, but I feel manly.” The biggest drawback of your album is that it only lasts 22 minutes. Can you expect more things from your duo?

And.: Join an eclectic group driven by passion and the joy of creativity Bomb’12 It’s the best that can happen to us. We wrap up each other and I can confirm that the first sounds for the next album have already been made.

F.: – It took a long time to discuss issues related to release and promotion. We didn’t waste it, there are already some new things on the way.

How did you get into BUMP’12?

F.: – Igor called the commander-in-chief of BUMP’12 – Barto Cat. The reception was very positive and I was offered to join the poster very quickly.

Because of the collaboration with the poster, is there a chance of A Fuzz Supreme in Physics?

F.: – So far we have introduced ourselves with an EP. The collaboration is going great, and we wouldn’t rule out a physical version in the future.

Finally, tell me what to do apart from this project.

And.: I do my ADHD musical best, so I do 10 projects at a time (laughs). Currently, LP Dzikich is in the most advanced stage, the album from pepsand rapper and producer from BUMP’12 and the band’s album rap’n’roll Campo. Besides, I just finished a course in Music Production and I have big ambitions.

F.: – Apart from everything related to recording music, I try to renovate the house with my own hands. When I put it behind me, I probably won’t know what to do with the increased free time… In my spare time I do guitar effects that I give my friends. Until recently, I was still skateboarding, but a year ago I injured my shoulder, which I haven’t healed yet… I’m still addicted to watching skateboarding videos.

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