What 3D printer should the studio be equipped with under the L.

criteria for 3D printers identified in Equipment catalogWhich was published on the website of the Future Labs Program. They belong to:

  • Embedded / replaceable sides of the device,

  • A working area of ​​at least 15 x 15 x 15 cm,

  • Compatible shredder

  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection,

  • Ability to preview ongoing printing remotely,

  • The program interface must be available in Polish or English,

  • The kit must include an instruction manual in Polish,

  • 12 months warranty for the machine,

  • The authorized service of the manufacturer must be located in Poland,

  • Availability of technical support in Polish.

It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer of the 3D printer. It is better to choose the equipment Recognized and reputable manufacturersIts products are used in professional and educational applications around the world. By choosing devices from well-known brands, we can be sure that the quality of the prints, as well as the durability and performance of the equipment will be at the highest level. Well-known brand also translates to Much better technical support. We can solve many problems and inquiries on our own, because popular models have wide topics in public Internet forums and thematic groups.

MakerBot 3D Printers for Laboratoria Przyszłość

MakerBot is American manufacturer of 3D printers. The company was one of the first on the market to offer advanced, compact 3D printers that could be used both at home and in education. Currently MakerBot solutions are used by educational institutions around the world.

The manufacturer’s offer includes 3 models of 3D printers, which Fully compliant with Laboratoria Przyszłość . software specifications.

Makerbot Drawing – 3D printer powered by the popular FDM technology, which was designed with modern education in mind. Quiet operation, small size, simple and intuitive operation, as well as reliable operation Make the equipment appropriate for each school. The MakerBot Sketch 3D printer can be operated using the included MakerBot Print software, as well as from the mobile application level. Educators can manage their print queue using the MakerBot Cloud app. As part of the Laboratoria Przyszłość project, the company CadXpert (Authorized MakerBot Distributor in Poland)he promise Special Education PackageWhich, in addition to the 3D printer, also includes 5 kilograms of printing materials, necessary tools and accessories, teaching aids, textbooks, and start-up training for teachers.

MakerBot Method A 3D printer fills the gap between desktop 3D printers and professional industrial solutions. carried out in the printer Stratasys SolutionsA leader in the professional 3D printing market. In this equipment you can find such solutions as: a closed working compartment, dissolvable support structures, a separate extruder for building materials and a separate one for support materials. The MakerBot Method printer meets the requirements of the Laboratories of the Future project and like the MakerBot Sketch model, Available in the CadXpert Education Package.

MakerBot X method The equipment enables printing of spare parts and durable tools at very high resolution. Allow method X . printer ABS prints in a closed room heated to 110°C. It is also possible to print from Stratasys® SR-30 backing material. This form meets all the requirements of Future Laboratories i Available in an educational package prepared by CadXpert.

The warranty for MakerBot 3D printers is 12 months (SLA up to 3 weeks), the authorized service of the manufacturer is located in Poland. There is also available to users Instruction manual in Polish And Technical support provided in Polish by phone and e-mail for 5 years.

CadXpert is one of the first companies to promote 3D printing in Poland, from selling hardware to professional applications, training and technical support. From the very beginning, the company cooperates with the education sector, supplies technical laboratories with the latest equipment from famous manufacturers.

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