Tasty, but not very healthy. Fried foods from all over the world

As it turns out in light of archaeological research, we’ve enjoyed our tastes with fried foods likely for several thousand years. Since then, we have also created millions of recipes, among which fried dishes occupy an important place. As you know – every country is a habit, including the custom of cooking. So we treat ourselves with different things in different parts of the world.

Vegetarian tempura came to Japan in the 16th century with Portuguese missionaries of the Catholic Church. They needed food that could be eaten while fasting. We find a large selection of ingredients: mushrooms, lotus and burdock root, seaweed, as well as vegetables such as beans, pumpkin, okra and shito peppers. All this is fried in a light dough made of flour, eggs and very cold or carbonated water. Shrimp tempura is also very popular among the Japanese.

Chalabi are fried dough balls, a traditional addition to samosas. It is washed down with sweet rad milk. It is better to pour jalebi paste into hot oil with a sprinkler, although the Indians use a special muslin cloth for this. The history of this fried snack dates back to the Middle Ages.

This dish is of great symbolic importance to the indigenous people of North America. When about 1,800 Indians were driven off their lands and colonists locked up in reservations, they had to contend with whatever ingredients were at hand. The reserves were created in arid regions that are difficult to cultivate, and the US government provided the people living there, among other things, lard, flour, and sugar. It was from these ingredients that fried bread was made, which became a simple dish staple in difficult times.

Although we can serve traditional Russian food straight from hot water, those that are fried back in a frying pan have a lot of enthusiasts. Thanks to additional heat treatment, they acquire crunch and firmness. Rothenian fried “lobster” is often served with the addition of thick cream, but there will also be culinary heretics, including the author of this review, who eat them with mayonnaise.

Perhaps one Latin American chef concluded that if a fried dish became more palatable, it would be better to fry it again. Interestingly enough, this twisted logic works so well with this dish: Tostones are twice fried banana slices. They are a popular snack, eaten similar to fried potato chips. Serve alone or with additional sauces.

Scottish engineers created this calorie bombshell based on a boiled chicken egg topped with ground beef and breadcrumbs. Then it is fried completely until it becomes crunchy. The history of the Scottish egg has been lost in the mists of history, and some say the inspiration for this dish was the Indian Narcissi kofta – eggs wrapped in lamb.

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