She found a 2015 receipt in her bag. We’ve checked how much the prices are going up. It is much more expensive

One of the readers of shared an interesting “discovery” that was hidden in one of the pockets of her purse. 2015 receipt of grocery purchases made at a well-known chain store. The following editors decided to take a look at today’s prices. How much have they changed in nearly seven years?

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Receipt from 2015 versus prices from 2022. How much do we pay?

We should start with two reservations. The receipt the reader found comes from November, so it’s no surprise that fruit and vegetables are relatively cheap. We also couldn’t find identical products, but we checked their weight thoroughly and whether they were sometimes in promotion. In our calculations, we used the lowest price we were able to find in the past weeks.

What is in the basket? Wine (19.99 PLN), 2 energy drinks (1.49 PLN each), some pears (2.65 PLN), pepper (2.31 PLN), avocado (assortment, 9.51 PLN at 9.99 PLN / kg), two of Juices (1.99 zlotys each), lettuce (1.99 zlots), light seedless grapes (4.62 zlots), sweet potatoes (4.76 zlots), beef carpaccio (2 packages, 7, 99 zlots each), parsley ( PLN 3.22, carrots (1.70 PLN), broccoli (500g pack, 3.49 PLN), tangerines (5.28 PLN), tomatoes (dates, 155g pack, 3.49 PLN for 3.49 PLN) and salad (3.99 PLN). For everyone You had to pay 89.94 PLN.

Prices are on the way to store shelves. Wholesale food becomes more expensive. There is data

Vegetable price hike? We’ve checked the receipts

In 2022, more will have to be paid for a similar basket of products. How have prices changed? The wine indicated on the receipt is available today for PLN 29.99, which is up from PLN 10 more than seven years ago. However, we found the product in promotion – a few months ago its cost was 19.99 PLN. It is possible that it was purchased in 2015 at a special price.

Prices for energy drinks – of the same brand – have gone up, but not by much. Today, you have to pay PLN 1.59 for a canister with a capacity of 0.25 liters. The pear price hike is not surprising, as November 2015 was a few months out of season. Today, the cost of the fruit is about PLN 7 per kilogram, and the receipt shows the price of PLN 2.99. The situation is similar to sweet pepper, which, however, has slightly increased. In a recently discovered promotion, it only cost one zloty more than a year ago. Today, we will pay PLN 2.69 for the same amount. Avocados are more expensive, because it costs PLN 18 per kilogram, but it is possible to buy them cheaper during the promotion. The price of grapes has changed a little – here you have to pay an extra 1 zloty per kilo.

Meat is much more expensive

Parsley and carrots are more expensive, today you have to pay a few zlotys for both products. We’re still ahead of the season though. The price of broccoli hasn’t changed – we found a half kilo package for the same price.

The biggest difference is the beef carpaccio. In 2015, you had to pay 7.99 PLN for a package of 140 grams. The price today is 9.99, but the weight is only 90 grams, so the product requires three packages to be the same product.

How much more to shop? we promise

After the combination, the price of a similar shopping cart in our case was PLN 138. So the difference is about 50 PLN. This value should be treated as indicative, because the final purchase price can be turned upside down by promotions. Our readers’ basket also lacks many products whose price has risen significantly – oil or butter, bread and meat.

The fact that prices have risen since 2015 convinced, among other things, the civic platform that scores government scores on inflation. A price comparison made last year showed that some products rose by tens of percent. The price of wheat and rye bread increased from 1.59 PLN to 2.19 PLN, oil (1 liter) from 4.68 PLN to 6.99 PLN, eggs (30 pieces) from 7.89 PLN to 15.99 PLN. Sugar is also more expensive (price in 2015: 2.79 PLN, in 2021: 3.99 PLN) and milk (one liter). Price in 2015: PLN 1.85, price in 2021 Margarine 550 g – in 2015 it costs PLN 4.69, in 2021: PLN 5.99.

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