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We build a green land with smart and innovative technologies. And our vision came true – said Marshal Elipita Anna Pollack during the Lubuskie Innovation Festival.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the first Lubuskie Innovation Festival began at the Zielona Góra University Library.

– This is a very good direction adopted by the Lubuskie self-government in the strategy for the development of the Voivodeship – she said just before the opening of the event Marshal Elipita Anna Pollack. – We are building a green land of smart and innovative technologies, in line with the European trend of the Green Deal… This festival is part of the innovation programme. The aim of our festival in an open format is to encourage companies from Lubuskie – micro, small, medium or large – to carry out activities in this field.

No vision, no idea for innovation – no development

Marshal Elipita Anna Pollack emphasized that, first of all, it is about transferring knowledge to business, opening up innovative solutions in the Lubuskie economy. – Because only smart solutions give the residents of our region a chance to get well-paid jobs – said the Polish Marshal. – This is a development. Of course, the county government operates in a sustainable way, we also implement realistic themes, but without a vision, an idea to innovate, to leap into the future – there is no development. We must also create – as leaders of the Lubuskie district – conditions for the future development of the younger generations. That is why the voice of today’s young generation, during our festival, is so important, because it is a sign that our vision is truly being realized in the Lubuskie region.

– We focus on youth – confirmed the words of Lubuskie Marshal Vice President of the University for Cooperation with Economics, Dr. Hap. M. Maria Mrówczyńska, prof. University of Zilona Gora, who organized the festival with Marshal’s office in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. – We have a gallery of projects that our students have done as part of projects financed with their own money, but also from ministerial funds, the regional government and the city of Zielona Góra.

Hydrogel dressings, fermentation waste…

The exhibition of innovative projects was held in Building A-16, adjacent to the UZ Library. Here you can see, among other things, a tricycle for the disabled, robots … Participants on the first day of the festival also heard about other innovative projects created in the UZ environment. Such as the production of modern hydrogel dressings. Such as using brewery waste to improve soil or PET bottles as a semi-finished product for building sound insulation. And about modular furniture that can be used in different places.

UZ staff and students are developing in many directions

Vice-Chancellor of the University Maria Mrozica stated that the projects fit with trends related to modern digital technologies, Industry 4.0, energy transformation, the development of sustainable transportation and modern agriculture.

– Both our staff and students are developing in all these directions, but it is also worth emphasizing the activities of our science and technology parks. We have three and they all work with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs – confirmed Vice Rector Maria Mrozinska. They carry out a large number of projects, and also submit inventions in the form of patents or industrial models. We hope that this first innovation festival will be the beginning of a very good initiative, to show what is happening at Zielona Góra University – what our students and staff can do.

– As the largest educational unit in the region at a higher level, we are very interested in the development of modern technologies, but we also try to make this development sustainable, so that innovations are implemented in terms of technology, technology, but also social or practical innovations – the professor added. Mrówczyńska.

– We have adopted innovation as a very important element in the development of Zielona Góra University – he said Vice Rector for Development and Finance Dr. M. Andrei Peczynski, Professor at the University of Zilona Gora. We assumed that we implement innovations in research, through cooperation with the economy, by conducting research projects required by industry, but also from basic research, with funding from the National Science Center or the National Research and Development Center. We also have educational innovations.

Innovation is tough, but it delivers huge results

Author of the Innovation Development Program for the Lubuskie District – Dr. Jerzy Tu from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Marshal Elipita congratulated Anna Pollack and the Lubuskie Voivodeship Board of Directors for placing innovation at the heart of regional policy.

– This is a big challenge, but it will increase the amount of money that will be directed to Lubuski – said Dr. Jerzy Tu, recalling that the idea of ​​organizing the Lubuskie Innovation Festival appeared as an idea at meetings of the Lubuski Innovation Forum.

One of the objectives of the approved innovation development program is to promote and talk about the innovators who support these innovations in order to infect this idea. And to strengthen those who are already on this path – emphasized Dr. Tu. – And the Lubuskie Innovation Festival is already an implementation of the promotion idea.

Our Creators Award!

The award winners were announced during the first Lubuskie Innovation Festival ‘Innovation is worth it’ For young innovators.


Prizes went to:

  • Academic Automobile Federation Scientific Department– Laureate of the second edition of the “Horn – Impulse to Innovation” competition organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at the University of Zielona Góra with the support of UMWL – for the project “Innovative platform for testing low-power engines”.

    The objective of the project is to build a payload engine dynamometer to test operating parameters of low-power (15KW) single-cylinder internal combustion engines, in particular Yanmar and John Debre diesels. On the rack, it will be possible to determine the external characteristics of the engine, that is, the relationship between the maximum torque and the maximum power of an engine loaded with electric brakes. On the market, there are no low-power engine dynamometers. The stand designed and built under the project will be a unique device for testing single-cylinder engines in the region. Thanks to the above device, it will be possible to develop new solutions for the automotive industry.

  • MedCare Student Research Group– Laureate of the second edition of the “Horn – Impuls to Innovation” competition for the project “Chemical Structure Optimization and Shape Modification of Innovative Biodegradable Hydrogel Pads for Skin Regeneration called Advanced Hydrogel System for Skin AHS4S”.

    This project is a continuation of work on hydrogel dressings, which were developed by the project team as part of a project implemented in the initial incubation process of Selkis Sp. z oo on the investment platform Unicorn Hub. The founders of Selskis Sp. z oo are also members of the MedCAre Science Club. The work carried out to date has resulted in the production of a series of prototypes of bandages in the form of hydrogel sheets and a demonstration of the developed prototype in the operating environment (technological readiness level 7). The main objective of the project is to conduct research on optimizing chemical composition. Manufacturing process and form (foil and aerosol dressings) of biodegradable hydrogel dressings. The main advantage of the proposed dressings is the use of completely biodegradable materials that are safe for the skin and the biological environment. The dressings mainly use sodium alginate taken from brown algae and biodegradable membranes available in the market. Bandages are intended for people with skin changes in the skin, but also for people who have had tattoos. The products will target both adults and children.

  • Scientific Department JAVA UZ– For achievements in the IT industry – Winner of the first edition of the “Klakson-Impuls do Innowacji” competition for the “E-Patient Service” project.

    The project aims to improve patient-doctor communication, which in the case of constant visits, thanks to the system indicating the current situation in the waiting list, reduces the risk of spreading diseases in the corridor, in the waiting room in front of the doctor’s office. It makes it easier for the doctor to manage appointments, share medical information and eliminate the need for direct contact with the doctor. The system also provides the ability to keep records through the exchange of messages between the doctor and the patient and continuous communication between the system administration and the user. The system uses the latest IT technologies, such as AWS DataBase Service, AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda API Gateway and Serverless.

  • Dev & Games Science Club– Laureate of the second edition of the “Horn – Impuls to Innovation” competition for the project “Rapid 3D Flow”.

    The goal of the project is to develop an on-line solution for rapid prototyping in technology. Incremental digitization of 3D objects to meet the needs of virtual and augmented reality environments. A special solution will be developed integrating the 3D digital scanner unit and the 3D printer unit. The integration will be carried out at the level of the processed data obtained from the scanner in the appropriate data formats necessary for further processing. The resulting software will be able to integrate with virtual and augmented reality environments, for example game development systems using common data exchange files, including open source systems. Project innovation at the international level shows great potential for solution commercialization. The solution will be particularly suitable for industries that require rapid prototyping from existing real or digitally developed models.

  • Scientific Department of Aerospace Engineering UZ– Winner of the second edition of the “Century – Motivation for Innovation” competition – for the project “Pre-implementation conceptual works in the field of navigation and communication systems for the self-driving roving project”.

    The project is aimed at the prior implementation, conceptual and preliminary understanding of the possibility of using individual navigation and communication systems on the basis of the autonomous driving platform. The Science Club has a mobile platform prototype that it is working on systematically. The platform consists of: a four-wheeled chassis that is independently driven by brushless motors, a suspension system based on a simple berth system, a central frame with a power system and control electronics. Currently, the platform is capable of performing simple maneuvers. It is being treated as a prototype and ground test on its way to building a large-scale rovers on Mars. The goal in the next two years is to build a fully autonomous rover that will take on the designs of the best teams in Europe during the European Rover Challenge (ERC). It is Europe’s largest robotics and aerospace event aimed at the world of science, business, the new technology sector and the general public.

honorary award ‘Innovative worthwhile’ It was received Lechosław F. Ciupik, President of LfC – A company that has been in Lubuskie for 30 years, with a great deal of innovation in the field of implantology, surgery and especially spine surgery.

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