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The 75th Cannes Film Festival has kicked off. A lot of international stars have already appeared on the red carpet in the Cote d’Azur. Among them, there were charismatic Polish women who achieved success in Hollywood. Joanna College appeared at the party in an illegal outfit. Her costume won the hearts of the audience, but the organizers did not necessarily like it.

Polish woman break the rules in Cannes!

There are strict rules for women’s fashion at the Cannes Film Festival. French etiquette says that all ladies should wear dresses – and – horror fright – high-heeled shoes. Pants and low boots are not welcome on international event days. Joanna College broke these rules! The Polish actress appeared on the red carpet in a pale pink suit. I dared to wear long pants She emphasized the neckline of a women’s jacket with a classic cut. Undoubtedly, he presented himself to the fullest, and With her elegance and beauty, she “crushed” many Hollywood stars.

Joanna College in an illegal outfit

The Polish actress is not alone in opposing the strict rules prevailing in Cannes. The honorable appeared at the festival Actress Julia Robertswhich also She chose an elegant jumpsuit and trousers. Model Anya Rubik She also chose to perform in shorts on the red carpet. In addition, she wore flat-soled shoes.

39-year-old Joanna College has joined the group of dressed-up women Ladies can look elegant and elegant, not only in dresses. And under the photos of the actress there were “fiery” reactions and comments from fascinated fans. Internet users assure that Polish women have extraordinary elegance:

The pink is cool, the jacket is okay, but the pants are wrinkled, even though they are from Armani. A smile rewards everything.

Very sensitive, ethereal, you look like a teenager.

I like to be natural.

Incredible honor! The right person he deserves!!!

Naturally beautiful and talented too.

You represent our country beautifully! Thank you.

You are gorgeous!


A wonderful smile, our beautiful star.

It’s an international film festival It has been held since 1946 in Cannes on the French Cote d’Azur. The event is organized every year and brings together many people from the film industry. s.During the festival, the Golden Palm award is given to the best film. This award has often been won by American, Italian, French and British artists. The only Polish films to have received the Palme d’Or are: “Iron Man” (1981) Andre Oujda And “pianist” (2002) Roman Polanski French Polish production.

Polish woman in Hollywood

Joanna College is an actress of international rank. The lead role in the film Paweł Pawlikowski “Cold War” (2018) received European Film Award. This work was nominated for an Academy Award in this category “Best Foreign Language Film”. Kulig made her television debut in 1998, winning an episode of the show “Chance for success”sing a song “Between Silence and Silence” by Grzegorz Tornau. She appeared in many films such as: Oscar-winning Polish drama “Ida” (year 2013), “Guy (Not) Wanted Now” (2014 year), “Disco Polo” (2015) or pitbull; dangerous women” (2016). He also has popular series on his account: “Time of Honor” (2008), “Pins on Giewont”if “do not care about me”.

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